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Animal Control: What Pest Deterrents Are Safe Around My Pets?

Pest Deterrents that Are Pet-Friendly, According To Our Animal Control Expert

Pest deterrents are a tried and true method of keeping animals and bugs alike out of your yard and out of your house. However, many of these deterrents, especially those aimed at keeping rodents away, can be harmful to your pets. When you have a pet and are looking at using pest deterrents as a form of animal control, it’s important to find a deterrent that won’t be harmful to your pet. So what are the best deterrents that won’t harm your pet? Animal Remover is here with answers in today’s blog post.

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Wildlife Control: Signs That You Need Chimney Repair After An Animal Infestation

Do You Need Chimney Repairs After An Animal Infestation? Our Wildlife Control Expert Explains

There are a lot of consequences to animal infestation that can make homeowners want to rip their hair out. Whether it be a mouse chewing through woodwork or raccoons eating your dog’s food, it can seem impossible to fix these problems. Families that have homes with fireplaces and old-school chimneys may be more at risk for these types of problems and not even know it. The chimney is a personal favorite for some animals and a big part of wildlife control is identifying it. But how do you know when you need repairs? Animal Remover’s wildlife control expert explains.

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Safe Squirrel Removal Methods For Your Vehicle

Squirrel Removal: Safe Ways To Get Them Out Of Your Vehicle

When the winter months come, your vehicle requires a little extra care. You have to wake up a little earlier to warm it up. You have to watch your fluids more closely. You have to be on the lookout for ice. However, one thing that people don’t expect to find in their car during the winter is a squirrel. But in reality, squirrels are drawn to cars during the winter because of the warmth coming from your engine. So how can you keep your car squirrel-free in the winter? Animal Remover’s squirrel removal expert weighs in.

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Wildlife Management: The Dangers of Muskrats

The Dangers of Muskrats for Wildlife Management

For people who have dealt with animal infestation and wildlife management issues, muskrats aren’t typically the first animals that come to mind. Most of the time, we think of squirrels or raccoons because most people in an urban context deal with those animals. However, if you live near a lake or have a pond in your yard, muskrats can be a real problem for these three reasons:

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Bird Removal: Most Common Nuisance Birds in Ohio

Most Common Nuisance Birds in Ohio According To Our Bird Removal Expert

Most Americans now live in urban areas, and with the growth of urban living has also come a predicament for local wildlife. Most species are able to coexist with the people who surround them by occupying wooded areas or even parks in more urban areas. However, with animals mingling in more densely populated areas, there is naturally going to be some overlap. Often times, these so-called “nuisance animals” are birds, who can cause major disturbances to residents. In particular, we see three major categories of birds that cause problems in Ohio:

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How Early Squirrel Removal Saves You Money

Why Early Squirrel Removal Will Save Your Wallet

As many homeowners have learned too late, ignoring squirrels in your home can cause serious financial ramifications. Squirrels, as part of the rodent family, have large front teeth that constantly grow. As such, they constantly gnaw in order to wear down their teeth. Though they look like harmless little creatures, they can do serious property damage to your home. Today Animal Removal will discuss squirrel removal and the potential fallout and costs of ignoring squirrels in your house. Keep reading to learn more!

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Bat Removal: Why Bats Invade Homes

Bat Removal: Why Do Bats Keep Coming to My House?

While bats play a vital role in our ecosystem, sometimes they find your home an appealing place to hibernate for the winter. For most people, nothing is more chilling than the thought of walking into a room, only to find bats looming over your head. Bats are a common nuisance (especially if you live in a rural area), and if you have experienced a bat problem in your home time and time again, you may be racking your brain to figure out why these bats keep coming into your home and what you can do to finally stop it. At Animal Remover, our bat removal experts can not only help you figure out why bats keep getting into your home but also help you prevent bats from entering your living space.

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Animal Remover: Learn the Damage Beavers Can Cause

Animal Remover: Potential Property Damage from Beavers

When people think of property damage, beavers are rarely the first invasive species that comes to mind. Generally, rats, squirrels, and skunks are the first animals that come to mind when discussing animal removal. However, if you are in an area that is susceptible to beaver infestation, the damage these little rodents can cause is tremendous. If you have a property with a stream or accessible waterway, check out our Animal Remover blog below to learn about the potential damage that can be done to your property if you ignore the threat of beavers as well as how to identify a potential beaver infestation.

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Signs You Need Dead Animal Removal Services

Dead Animal Removal: 2 Signs There is a Dead Animal in Your Home

It happens all the time, and most of us don’t bat an eye. A giant, hairy spider glides down its web while you’re in the garage. You find the nearest blunt object and smash two, three times for good measure. You slap that pesky mosquito when he lands on your arm. We hardly notice these dead animals, and there is no real need for dead animal removal. We need a napkin at best or flush of the toilet at best. But, a larger animal might call for more serious dead animal removal techniques. In today’s blog, we help you determine whether there is a dead animal in your home, and what you can do about it.

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Raccoon Removal: Keep Raccoons Out of Your Home

Raccoon​ ​Removal​: Deter Raccoons From Your Home This Winter

If you are someone who thinks raccoons are cute and cuddly creatures, don’t let their looks deceive you. You could not be further from the mark. If you have raccoons anywhere in your home, you should call for raccoon removal service immediately. These “cute” animals can do a lot of damage. In fact, it’s much better to not invite them into your homes at all. Winters in Ohio are cold not just for people but for raccoons, too, and your home looks cozy. Try these tips to deter raccoons from your home and to save yourself from calling a raccoon removal company.

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