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Commercial Canada Goose Management

Commercial Goose Management & Removal

Canada geese can hinder the image of your business. They will defecate on the property, attack people when protecting their nest, degrade water quality of ponds, destroy grass, and scare away customers. Canada geese will deposit droppings all over walkways, parking lots, and entry ways. Canada goose droppings are very acidic and will often leave stains on concrete even after the area has been cleaned. Goose droppings are also a major health hazard to anyone who comes into contact with the droppings. Research has shown that pathogens in Canada goose droppings are capable of being transmitted to humans through the water and air. All of the above are great reasons to invest in goose management and removal.

The Canada goose population has continued to increase 5% each year over the past 10 years. Canada geese begin breeding in March, the female Canada goose lays a clutch of 2-9 eggs, incubation last 23-30 days, and she will sit on the nest during this time. If the eggs are destroyed the female Canada goose will lay another clutch. The male Canada goose will stand guard near the nest and will become aggressive towards anyone who gets to close.

Common commercial business related complaints on Canada Geese.

  • Canada Geese getting sucked into the engines of planes when flying near airports
  • Canada Geese nesting in landscape
  • Canada Geese attacking customers and employees when protecting their nest
  • Canada Geese defecating on parking lots and entry ways
  • Canada Geese degrading the water quality of ponds
  • Canada Geese destroying grass
  • Canada Geese presence scaring away customers
  • Reduce your annual maintenance budget!

Canada geese cause billions of dollars in property damage each year. Don’t let Canada Geese presence on your property affect your bottom line and hurt the image of your business. We understand the key to a successful business is making a profit and the more profit a business makes the more successful that business will become. Canada Geese will not leave on their own, once they have determined that an area is safe they will continue to return each year and the population will continue to increase.

At Animal Remover we have the tools, experience, and expertise to eliminate your Canada goose problem and stop the reoccurring damage they cause to grass, parking lots, ponds, and most importantly your business image. Our Commercial Canada goose management programs will reduce your annual maintenance cost.

What are my options?
Single/Multiple attack goose capture services
Complete Canada Geese flock round up and removal services
Canada Goose nesting removal / destruction
Canada Goose Laser Harassment
Canada Goose Sound Deterrents

What is the first Step?

The first step is to call and you will be connected with one of our highly trained and professional Canada goose management specialist. The Canada goose management specialist will ask specific questions relating to your goose problem, the location of your property, and the size of your property. We will determine what options are best for you and your property. We will quote you a price for our goose removal services and discuss what permits may be required (if applicable) to handle your Canada goose problem. If you are interested in a complete Canada Geese flock round up we must visit your site first and provide you with a free quote.

Visual deterrents such as flashing lights, coyote decoys, and many other visual methods are not effective. See picture below. This particular property had a population of 80-100 geese. They had tried everything from chase dogs to coyote decoys to lights that flashed around the shore with no success.

In June they called Animal Remover to finally resolve their Canada goose problem. In the last weeks of June the geese begin to molt. Molting is when Canada geese lose their old feathers and new ones grow in. During this time Canada Geese are not capable of flight and they can be rounded up and removed. We use specially designed equipment along with job specific Canada geese transportation trailers to remove the geese. Our goal is to make the removal as comfortable as possible for the Canada geese and for the customer. This customer’s goose problem was resolved in less than 1 hour on this day in June.

Coyote Decoy

A picture that shows how geese are smart enough to not be affected by a coyote decoy, even when the decoy is moved around daily.

Canada Goose Roundup on Trailer

picture of Canada Geese inside the round up transportation trailer.

Canada Goose in Roundup Trailer

picture of one of our Canada Goose round up transportation trailers.

Canadian Geese in Cage

A picture of Canadian geese in a cage after being safely trapped.

Canadian Goose Being Safely Transported to Trailer

A picture of a Canada goose removal specialist performing a goose round up and transporting the goose safely to the round up transportation trailer.

Don’t let Canada Geese Scare away your Customers!

People have a fear of Canada geese and will steer clear of them. The last thing you want is for people to take their business somewhere else because of the fear they have of the Canada Geese that are on your property. Recent studies show that 60% of consumers will not visit a business if they see Canada Geese near the parking or entry area. Stop the damage now and call Animal Remover LLC today for expert commercial Canada goose removal services.

We provide Canada Geese Management services in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

To Obtain a Goose Permit follow the links below

Ohio: Call 1-(800)-Wildlife or visit website
Indiana: Call 1-(812)-352 8486 or visit website
Kentucky: Call 1-(866) 487-3297 or visit website

Us Fish and Wildlife Services:
Call 1-(800) 344-WILD
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