Fairfield Raccoon Removal Services

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Raccoon Removal Services

espite the cute videos on the internet, a raccoon does not make a great roommate. But they’ll certainly give it a try!

Raccoons are common nuisance animals in suburban areas. Whether it’s into your home or business, a raccoon just can’t help but invite itself in.

Raccoons can become a real problem. They cause damage to properties in search of food sources or shelter. They leave behind raccoon feces and can expose people to diseases.

Animal Remover provides Fairfield raccoon removal services to help solve these problems.

Animal Remover—Our Services for You

Animal Remover specializes in a full-service approach to wildlife control. Here are a few of our services:

Raccoon control

Property inspection

Animal damage repair

Insulation removal and replacement



and more!

Raccoon Control Solutions in Fairfield Ohio

Raccoons come onto your property looking for two things: food sources and places to nest. Raccoons will eat insects in your walls, raid your garbage cans, or even steal pet food.

Raccoons use small holes as entry points. If they can’t find these, then they create their own. Since they are excellent climbers, raccoons easily get up on roofs and pull up shingles. They also rip open fascia boards or dive into chimneys or open vents.

Raccoons like to build nests in dry spaces so that their young raccoons have a safe place to grow. A mother raccoon will feel threatened by any approach. This can pose a hazard to your customers or your family.

Since raccoons carry diseases like raccoon roundworm and rabies, trying to handle a pest control problem on your own is a bad idea. Instead, call our professionals today.


How Animal Remover Helps with Removal and Cleanup

Animal Remover first executes a raccoon inspection of a property as part of our removal methods. Raccoon evidence can look like damage, raccoon droppings, scratch marks, or fur tufts left behind.

After the property has been evaluated, our professionals begin the raccoon trapping process. Our live trapping method prioritizes a safer approach. That’s why we use

  • weighted traps
  • bait traps
  • and species-targeted bait.

This helps us try to trap only our target animal and cause minimal stress–both to the animal and you!

Animal Remover will remove raccoons, including dead raccoons, and then begin a cleanup process. We have deodorization and disinfection services, as well as insulation replacement. This helps get rid of any lingering odor or raccoon poop.

Preventing Animal Invasion and Damage

As part of our full-service approach, we also provide prevention recommendations and services. To start, we can install vent guards and chimney caps.

You probably already have natural raccoon repellants in your house: cayenne pepper, chili powder, some essential oils, coffee grounds, etc. Scattering these in your yard can help to get rid of raccoons.

Raccoons are also scared off by bright lights and loud noises.


Racoon Removal Services in Fairfield OH

If you’re looking for raccoon removal services in Fairfield OH, then Animal Remover has the right professional and service for you. Connect with us today through a phone call or online form and set up your appointment.

The sooner we help you find a solution, the sooner you can focus on more important matters.