Maineville Bat Removal Services

Our bat removal service is completed by fully licensed wildlife removal experts and completely follows guidelines set forth by the state of Ohio. Here is what we do to get rid of your bat problem.


Bat Removal Services

Are you beginning to feel like you live in a bat house?

The noise, the smell, and the health concerns are all reason to take action today to get rid of even one bat that has shown up in your business or house.

The experts at Animal Remover are here to help with Maineville bat removal services.

Let Us Handle Your Bat Infestation

Residential and commercial clients can all get the animal control help that they need by calling our skilled team. We are proud to have worked with hundreds of clients throughout Warren County Ohio.

Bat Removal

Clean-up guano

Help Bat-proof

Bat Removal Is a Critical Concern

Bats are a nuisance animal because they can cause damage, spread diseases, and invite bat bug infestations. It’s critical to remove bats when they get too close to home.

Bats can cause structural damage because they often roost in large numbers inside of buildings. Their droppings can corrode metal and paint, and their wings can damage insulation. In addition, bats carry diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis.

Attract bat bugs

Disease dangers

Building damage

Bat Exclusion in Maineville Ohio

The little brown bats in Ohio are a federally protected species, so they must be removed safely. You cannot just kill bats. Therefore, it’s important to enlist the help of professionals to resolve your bat issue. Our team has the professional expertise necessary.

Our bat removal process is designed to be quick, affordable, and in harmony with State and Federal guidelines. We start the process by inspecting to find all potential entry points.

Then our technician will install a professional exit-only bat exclusion device. This will allow the bats to leave but prevent them from returning to leave more damage.


Bat Guano Removal

Bat guano cleanup is dangerous and should only be done by a professional. We specialize in cleanup, deodorizing, and sanitization after nuisance bats have been in your home or business. We will work hard to fully get rid of the presence and odor of guano and bat urine.

Our pest control company understands the frustration and stress that these pests can cause, so we’ll work quickly and efficiently to rid your property of bat droppings and get you back to a safe and clean environment.

Repair All Bat Damages

Our mission is to be your complete solution for bat control problems.

Once we remove the wildlife problem with our exclusion techniques, we will also take care of any associated damages. Anything from small cracks to serious damage can be repaired by our team of skilled experts.


Bat Removal Services in Maineville OH

It’s time to get rid of your bat problems. Let our professional technicians eliminate bats inside your attic, barn, basement or other enclosed space.

Call today to schedule your bat removal services in Maineville OH.