Maineville Raccoon Removal Services

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Raccoon Removal Services

Affectionately known as trash pandas or trash bandits, Raccoons are just as troublesome as they are adorable. In addition to getting in your garbage cans and scattering it all over, Raccoons can invade your home or business.

Raccoons frequently create holes in buildings by ripping off shingles, peeling back fascia boards, or turning small holes into bigger ones. Then raccoons nest inside warm, dry spaces leaving behind raccoon feces or dead raccoons which carry diseases!

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Animal Remover is Here to Help With Raccoon Control

Animal Remover specializes in dealing with nuisance animals. Our services include:

Wildlife removal

Prevention services

Animal damage repair

Raccoon Problems in Maineville Ohio

Raccoons present many problems for homeowners and business owners in suburban areas. They find entry points in buildings or create their own in search of either nesting spaces or food sources such as insects, bird feeders, trash cans or pet food.

Raccoons tend to build nests in attics, basements, or anywhere else they deem safe for their young raccoons. A mother raccoon can become territorial and feel threatened when approached. This poses a risk of injury.

Since raccoons can carry diseases such as raccoon roundworm or rabies, it is a bad idea to handle this problem alone. Call your Animal Remover today for help to get rid of raccoons.


Process for Raccoon Removal and Cleanup

The first step in our process is a raccoon inspection. We assess your property, looking for vulnerable spaces where young kits might be stashed. Signs such as raccoon damage and raccoon droppings help us identify where to work.

Animal Remover uses removal methods that prioritize safe removal. For raccoon trapping, we use

  • Bait traps
  • Weighted traps
  • Species targeted bait.

These methods help us remove the animal with minimal stress to you and the animal.

After removing the animal, we then work on repair and cleanup. We can provide insulation removal and replacement to get rid of any foul odor or raccoon poop. Then we focus on prevention.

Prevention Methods for Clever Critters

Our wildlife experts focus on protection and repellant to prevent raccoons from reentering your property.

Since Raccoons are excellent climbers and don’t just stick to trees, protecting your property from the ground up is essential. For protection, we can install vent guards and chimney caps.

Raccoon repellents are also an effective method of prevention. The scattering of household items like coffee grounds and Epsom salts discourages raccoons from wandering your property. Installing bright lights and noise makers can also help keep them away.


Raccoon Removal Services in Maineville OH

If you have a raccoon problem, don’t wait. Contact Animal remover today for raccoon removal services in Maineville OH. Once we remove the animal and restore your property, your life can return to normal. Call today to speak with our team and set an appointment.