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Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels are cute, but they can also be a major nuisance. They can get into your home or business and cause major damage. Not to mention the noise.

Not only are squirrels a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous. Their droppings can contain harmful bacteria that can make you, your family, and your pets sick.

Animal Remover is the local expert in Mason squirrel removal services.

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Squirrel Control Services Mason Ohio

Squirrels often live among us in urban areas. However, too much squirrel activity can become a hazard. They can leave significant damage as well as harbor dangerous diseases.

They can cause house fires when they chew on electrical wires with their strong front teeth.

Squirrels also like to gain access to wall voids and attic spaces to nest, causing insulation and structural damage.

Both chewing and digging are natural squirrel activity. However, when you have expensive landscaping in your yard, they can quickly destroy it. In addition, they can cause damage by scratching up outside structures, including vehicles.

If you have squirrel problems, then contact our wildlife control expert who can help you push them off your property and back out into the tree branches where they should be.

Electrical wiring damage

Spread rabies

Damage to landscaping


How Our Removal Process Works

When squirrels build nests in attics and walls, that’s a worry. This is because squirrels chew everything, and damaged wires can start a fire. To get rid of squirrels, our technicians will set a live trap in your attic, crawl space, or wherever the squirrels are.

Squirrel trapping is the first step. After trapping, then repair and clean-up will be done. Anything squirrels have gnawed will be replaced. Deodorization and disinfection will then sanitize everything.

Animal removal, repair, and clean-up are all part of our complete solution to solve your wildlife problem.

Deter Future Squirrel Activity

The trapping and removal are done. All entrance points, including gable vents, have been sealed. Now, you’re likely wondering if there is an effective method to stop squirrels from causing further damage in the future.

Consider your bird feeders. If they’re near trees, move the feeders away so that squirrels can’t jump over from the trees. You may also want to sprinkle cayenne pepper near the base of your bird feeder as squirrels don’t like pepper.

Taking these simple measures to block entry points and remove temptation in your yard will ensure squirrels will lose interest in hanging around your property.


Squirrel Removal Services In Mason OH

If squirrels are invading your territory, then don’t wait to get them under control. Contact us today to set up your squirrel removal services in Mason OH.