Oakwood Bat Removal Services

We don’t want you to deal with bat exclusion alone. Our passion is to help the Montgomery County Ohio community with effective solutions. So, contact us today to remove and prevent bats at your home or business.


Bat Removal Services

Are you being woken up at night by the sound of a bat (or two) flying around and shrieking, night after night?

You may have a bat problem that requires professional bat exclusion; if there is one bat, there may be more! Bat removal and control are not tasks you want to do alone.

Animal Remover is experienced in wildlife control and is ready to help you with Oakwood bat removal services.

Your Solution For A Bat Infestation

Bat removal is challenging and demands the expertise of an experienced team. Our professionals will help you solve any wildlife removal challenge that you bring. We can handle both commercial and residential jobs of any size.

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Bat Control In Oakwood Ohio

Ohio is home to the little brown bat species. These critters have large ears, and brown fur and look like something from a horror film. However, they are usually not aggressive animals. However, this does not mean we want them to live with us in our offices and homes.

Bat droppings or bat guano can accumulate in an enclosed space if a group of bats decides to roost there. This can lead to respiratory and other dangerous health problems. Beyond the issues brought about by the guano, bats carry rabies.

The health issues are only one problem related to a bat infestation.

These tiny nuisance animals are a protected species, so special regulations must be followed when removing them. It is illegal to kill bats. With decades of experience, our team knows how to get rid of bats with safe removal methods.

Spread of bat bugs

Insulation damage

Expensive repairs


The Bat Exclusion and Prevention Process

Our professional team quickly begins the bat removal process by first creating a solid plan. We identify all the entry and exit points the bats are using to get into and out of the building. Once we know where they are coming and going, we can begin exclusion.

Exclusion is the key to remove bats. We use specific methods to keep them from entering the building again. This includes adding specialized devices that allow the creatures a one-way exit to leave the space but not to return.

Finally, we will clean up their mess once the bats are gone. This includes removing all the guano and deodorizing the area to get rid of the smell. We also repair any damage that may have been caused by the bats, such as torn screens or chewed-up insulation.

Bat Removal In Oakwood OH

It’s important to quickly eliminate bats inside your property. Don’t put yourself, your family, or your property at risk.

Call our pest control company to safely take care of your bat removal in Oakwood OH.