Sharonville Bat Removal Services

Bat control requires experience and expertise to remove the bats on your property safely. Our fully licensed bat removal technicians are qualified to solve your bat problem.


Bat Removal Services

Bats are common pests that can gather in large colonies in your attic or other building structure.

It doesn’t take long before they cause damage wherever these bats live on your property.

When you need reliable service, call Animal Remover for their professional Sharonville bat removal services.

The Local Bat Removal Experts

Highly trained in bat exclusion, our wildlife specialists know how to remove nuisance animals from your residence or commercial business safely. We are here to help with your Hamilton County Ohio bat problem as well as other wildlife issues.

Safe and effective removal

Cleaning and sanitization

Repair services

Why to Get Rid Of a Bat Infestation

The large ears, slick brown fur, and beady eyes of the local little brown bats evoke fear in many people. Yet, these Federally protected creatures are an important part of the ecosystem,

However, the dangers of bats far outweigh their benefits when they get too close to human dwellings. They roost in large colonies and often slip in through small cracks and make their home in attics, barns, and even in your walls.

Bats are known to carry infectious diseases and parasites, including rabies. They typically don’t become aggressive and bite, but they can. Instead, most of the health hazards come from the close proximity and large quantity of bat guano.

Bat Exclusion in Sharonville Ohio

Due to their protected status, the removal process can be a challenge. There are specific regulations that require careful care for these creatures. We cannot kill bats to remove them. Our pest control company follows all regulations for removal of these creatures.

Rather than trap bats, they must be excluded from your attic or other structure and prevented from returning. Bat removal is a special multi-step process of bat exclusion. Our highly trained technicians know how to use humane bat removal methods that won’t harm the creatures.

The first step is to thoroughly inspect your property to find all the potential entry points. Even a small 1/4” opening or crack could be a bat entry point. Next, we set up one-way exits using netting, mesh, PVC or caulking tubes as appropriate for each space.

Last of all, we seal up all of the entrances to prevent bats from returning.


Bat Guano Cleanup

We know that cleaning up animal waste is not a pleasant experience. However, cleaning up bat droppings and bat urine can also be hazardous. When you disturb dry bat feces, the dust in the air may transfer disease.

Our professionals are equipped and qualified to handle the clean-up process. We also offer sanitization and deodorization to completely restore your space.


Our full-service bat removal also includes making any required repairs. You may need new insulation if the bats were living in your attic. In addition, you may need other scratched or soiled surfaces replaced. Our team will help to repair and restore all bat damage.


Bat Removal Services in Sharonville OH

When you need to eliminate bats inside your attic, basement, or commercial building, call the local experts.

Let our team remove bats from your property with safe solutions for bat removal services in Sharonville OH.