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Raccoon Removal Services

Why get Sharonville raccoon removal services for just one or two young raccoons in your building?

Because they carry disease, raid your garbage cans, and destroy your property.

Whether it’s a mother raccoon or a lone male, get rid of raccoons by calling Animal Remover today.

Your Answer For Sharonville Raccoon Control

Hamilton County Ohio residents and business owners can remove raccoons affordably thanks to Animal Remover. Our fully licensed team is very familiar with the most efficient techniques to remove any nuisance animals.

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You Need Sharonville Ohio Raccoon Control Solutions

Raccoons nest in any enclosed space that they can access. These and easy food sources like bird feeders, trash cans, and pet food will attract them to your property.

To get into a building, raccoons will tear through window screens, tear up your roof, and wreck outside vents. What’s even worse is that they often carry canine distemper and can spread it to your dog through raccoon feces.

Humans can also be infected with rabies, raccoon roundworm, and a host of other health hazards from being in close contact with raccoon droppings. Not to mention the risk of being injured by an aggressive raccoon.

If raccoons live too close to your home, the damage and the risks add up quickly. They need to be removed as soon as possible.


Removal & Cleanup Process

Prevent raccoons from causing further damage with our live trapping methods. Lethal traps are only used in severely dangerous situations.

Once we have safely caught and removed the animals we will begin the cleanup process. We use very strict safety and sanitation measures to thoroughly get rid of any health concerns left with the raccoon poop.

Finally, any damage that the raccoons have done to your building will be repaired before we leave. These include structural damage, wiring, insulation, and more.

Deter Future Visitors

Take advantage of our assistance with prevention services to make sure you never have a raccoon problem again.

Most importantly, you must first eliminate food sources that attract these critters. Put trash bags in locked cans, seal up all pet food, and make bird feeders inaccessible.

Not only does Animal Remover use commercial raccoon repellents, but we also take steps to fortify the building itself. A determined critter will find a way to break in, but most will be stopped by sealing off all potential entry points.

Some common additional raccoon repellants that you can use include coffee grounds, ammonia, garlic, or powdered cayenne pepper.


Raccoon Removal Services In Sharonville OH

If you have pesky raccoons living on your property, our raccoon removal services in Sharonville OH are your solution. Even if you have one single raccoon, it’s important to take action before extensive raccoon damage occurs.

Call today and schedule your appointment.