Sharonville Squirrel Removal Services

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Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels can be a nuisance when they get too comfortable in or around your home or business.

If you’ve been dealing with squirrels, you know the challenges they can cause. They can be difficult to remove and their presence can be damaging, disruptive and unsanitary.

Animal Remover is here to help. We offer Sharonville squirrel removal services to rid your space of these nuisance animals.

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Squirrel Control Services Sharonville Ohio

Squirrels are a common problem for many homeowners and businesses. Not only do they damage your garden and yard, but they can also cause costly damage to your home. Not to mention the health concerns from rabies, Lyme diseases, Salmonellosis, and more.

Squirrels can gain access to your home through holes in the roof or walls and cause significant damage to insulation, wall voids, and attics. They have front teeth that grow continuously, so they are constantly nibbling on things in their environment, including electrical wires.

When these critters decide to live in your yard, they tend to leave their mark by digging up holes to hide their acorns and other snacks. This can cause a lot of damage to expensive landscaping. Their scratching can also damage car paint and outside structures.

Put an end to your squirrel problems and sent those pests scurrying into the tree branches. Call our team today for professional solutions.

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Fire hazards

Costly landscaping repairs


Getting Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels will often build nests in attics, walls, or crawl spaces. To get rid of squirrels, our wildlife technicians employ an effective trapping system.

Squirrel trapping is safe for the animal when a live trap is set. Once the squirrels are removed, our technicians will assess the damage in your attic and other places where the squirrels were living.

Damaged wires and insulation will be repaired or replaced. Next, our technicians will deodorize and disinfect anything the squirrels came into contact with.

Our wildlife specialist will ensure that you won’t have any signs left that you had a nuisance animal present.

Preventing Further Damage

Our wildlife specialists use an effective method of sealing entry points to prevent further damage to your home or business. If squirrels were crawling into your attic through the gable vents, they will no longer be able to gain access.

In your yard, you may be concerned about your bird feeders. You may have noticed squirrels jumping from the trees onto your feeders. This can be fixed by moving your feeders a safe distance from your trees.

By blocking access to entrance points and your feeders, squirrels will likely go elsewhere as there’s no reason to stay.


Squirrel Removal Services In Sharonville OH

If you’re in need of squirrel removal services in Sharonville OH, then we are your answer.

Our experienced professionals will work diligently to rid your property of these pesky critters. From removal to prevention, we are equipped to help.