Terrace Park Raccoon Removal Services

When female raccoons nest in your home or business, call us. When lone male raccoons knock over your garbage cans, call us. We offer 24-hour emergency service and have the best prices in the county.


Raccoon Removal Services

“Help! The raccoons have torn up my kitchen and there’s a hole in my roof!”

How are you going to find fast affordable Terrace Park raccoon removal services before the raccoons do further damage?

Easy! You’re going to call Animal Remover.

Your Local Terrace Park Raccoon Control Company

Most people want the best service possible. That’s why you should hire us. Animal remover is fully licensed and has experience dealing with all types of animal issues. We offer residential and commercial Services to businesses, houses, and apartments in Hamilton County Ohio. If you want to learn more about our pest control and restoration services, then keep reading.

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Raccoon Service in Terrace Park Ohio

Raccoons can be very dangerous. They carry canine distemper, raccoon roundworm, along with rabies. People can easily get roundworm infections from raccoon feces

Not to mention the fact that young raccoons cause damage to your home or office building.


Get Rid of Raccoons

Our raccoon trapping methods typically stick with live trapping methods. Lethal traps are only necessary in more severe circumstances such as highly aggressive animals or a rabid raccoon.

Once we have successfully removed each animal, our thorough team will clean up the leftover raccoon droppings. Since raccoon poop causes serious health concerns, it is best that a trained professional handle this process.

More than likely you’ll also have some damage to your roof, vents, or insulation. Our skilled technicians will also take care of all of the raccoon damage. We make sure to secure the initial spot where they got in.

Preventing Their Return

As we work on your repairs, our team will also inspect and seal up any other entry points. This is imperative to prevent raccoons from re-entering your space.

Predator urine is one of the most effective raccoon repellents to use. Unfortunately, it has a strong odor so you may want to use one of the following instead: Garlic, coffee grounds, ammonia, peppermint essential oil. A motion-activated sprinkler also works.


Raccoon Removal Services In Terrace Park OH

Have the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional team to take care of your wild animal issues.

Keep that local mother raccoon out of your pet food by calling us to schedule raccoon removal services in Terrace Park OH.