Wright Patterson AFB Bat Removal Services

When you need quick answers to a dangerous animal problem, Animal Remover is here to help. Our expert team has years of experience dealing with nuisance animals. We are more than happy to help any client in the County Ohio service area.


Bat Removal Services

Do you have a bat problem that you can’t seem to solve on your own?

The removal of pest animals isn’t easy, and AFB bat removal is particularly complicated.

That’s why you need to schedule our efficient and affordable Wright Patterson AFB bat removal services.

The Team To Resolve Your Bat Infestation

Our bat removal process can cover large and small-scale animal removal jobs for both residential and commercial properties. So, call our technicians today and get rid of bats that are too close to home.

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Why You Need Bat Control on Wright Patterson AFB Ohio

Bats commonly move into spaces like attics and barns, as well as other structures. Then their bat guano (bat droppings) begins to accumulate causing all sorts of issues. This, along with the fact that bats carry rabies is a great reason to act quickly.

With their large ears, shiny brown fur, claws, and wings, these critters look like something from a horror film. This is likely one of many reasons why their populations are declining. Little brown bats and other bat species are now protected.

Because of their protection status, it is actually illegal to kill bats. That is why you should call in a professional pest control company to take care of your bat problem. Our team at Animal Remover uses safe methods that cause no harm to the creatures.

These critters come with many dangers when they take up residence too close to human dwellings or businesses. Some of the dangers include:

Bat Bugs

Dangerous diseases

Expensive damage


Animal Remover’s Bat Exclusion Process

Quick response is essential to dealing with a bat issue. So, our team will get there as soon as possible to inspect your issue and determine the best plan to fix it. It’s important that this plan does not harm the animals in any way.

First, we seal off small cracks that they could squeeze through as well as larger potential entry spaces. Our Wright Patterson AFB Ohio removal process then incorporates a professional bat exclusion device. This device is a one-way device that allows bats to exit only.

After we remove bats, we will then take care of cleaning and deodorizing. This includes removing all bat guano. Then we begin any repairs that are needed to your space, including insulation damage and other structural repairs. If needed, our technicians will also help with more bat-proofing solutions.

Get Bat Removal Services on Wright Patterson AFB

Prevent bats from taking over your building, causing costly damage and posing serious health hazards.

Our wildlife control team will make sure you get the fastest, most affordable bat removal services on Wright Patterson AFB.