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About Animal Remover

Animal Remover is a full service Nuisance Wildlife Control firm that prides itself on ecologically solid and humane wildlife control solutions.

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Animal Remover Wildlife Control Solutions

Animal Remover is a full service Nuisance Wildlife Control firm that prides itself on ecologically solid and humane wildlife control solutions. We feel that the path to success is providing excellent service by listening to our customers and developing specific wildlife control solutions that fit their needs. When you choose Animal Remover to service your property you can be assured our wildlife experts will be on time in a neat and clean full uniform and will be arriving in a fully lettered and clean vehicle.

When it comes to animal pest control and animal removal solutions in Cincinnati and Dayton, homeowners, businesses and municipalities choose the professionals at Animal Remover to help keep their property safe from nuisance animals. Our wildlife control team is expertly trained in animal pest control and wildlife removal solutions for a very broad array of animals. At Animal Remover, rest be assured that your property is in good hands.



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As the leaders in the industry of nuisance wildlife control, Animal Remover, LLC has not only the knowledge of wildlife, wildlife control, wildlife trapping, wildlife removal, wildlife exclusion, and wildlife damage control, but we also have the necessary experience. With our animal exclusion warranty you, your home and your family can have peace of mind. At Animal Remover, LLC we also understand that having an animal or pest problem is not something you want the whole neighborhood knowing about. That’s why we provide our customers with a full non-disclosure agreement. We serve the tri-state area as well as Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton.

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Animal Remover Dead Animal Removal

At Animal Remover not only do we remove live animals while also providing dead animal removal, but we also do the repairs to keep animals out. We provide a full animal damage repair and clean up service. Please refer to our services page for more information on animal damage repair and clean up.

We also provide free exotic animal control services for specialized exotic animal situations. Not all situations will apply but feel free to give us a call and see if you apply for our free exotic removal service. Our team has experience with venomous snakes, large pythons and boas, American alligators, large monitor lizards, and all other types of non-native critters.

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