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Commercial Raccoon Removal & Management

Animal Remover provides effective raccoon removal and management services to a variety of commercial businesses and locations. Our certified staff of wildlife control technicians always arrive in a timely manner, armed with specialized tools to get the job done right.


Commercial Raccoon Removal in Cincinnati

Our raccoon removal and management services are both humane and effective to ensure long-term results for commercial properties. Raccoons can be some of the most destructive nuisance animals, resulting in thousands of dollars in property damage repairs and unhappy business owners. Not only are they extremely destructive, but raccoons are also alarming to customers and employees, especially if they are rabid or sick. A common sight in both rural and urban areas, these nuisance animals seek out food sources such as bird feeders, dumpsters and trash cans. They will eat just about anything.



Common Commercial Complaints

Raccoons also serve as hosts for a number of parasites and diseases, which is a cause for concern in any commercial industry. Businesses with readily available food sources should be aware of the potential for raccoons settling on their property. Requesting professional raccoon removal can prevent dangerous health hazards, a potential loss of business, and extreme property damage.

Some of the most common commercial complaints for raccoon removal include:

Raccoons scurrying around on the roof

Raccoons damaging vents

Raccoons damaging ductwork

Raccoons contaminating insulation

Rabid raccoon on commercial property

Raccoons getting into trash cans

Raccoons living under commercial entryway deck


Raccoon Removal Solutions

Animal Remover provides business owners with several proven raccoon removal solutions. Our experienced staff of animal removal specialists will speak with you first to properly assess the situation. After additional information about your property and nuisance animal problem has been collected, we will provide you with the raccoon removal solution we deem to be most pertinent to your situation. Various methods for raccoon removal include trapping, habitat modification, exclusion, and one-way doors, which are used to block raccoons from re-entering an attic or storage shed. Raccoons do not respond to music, strobe lights, mothballs, ammonia or repellants.

Why You Should Trust Animal Remover for Raccoon Removal

If you discover a raccoon on your commercial property, please do not attempt to perform the raccoon removal yourself. Let Animal Remover handle it for you so you can keep doing what you do best – running your business! Our hardworking team has years of experience, expertise and access to the proper tools necessary to rid you of your nuisance animal problem. Animal Remover has a proven track record of countless happy commercial customers and you can trust us to get the job done. Call us today and reduce annual maintenance costs, keep your employees and customers safe and protect the image of your business.