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Cincinnati Chimney Caps & Products

An open chimney without a cap is one of the most common entry points on a home for animals such as raccoons, birds, squirrels, and even bats. If you are hearing scratching noises coming from your chimney or chirping sounds, you may have an animal removal problem and should call us right away.


Chimney Caps & Products

Animals living in your chimney will defecate and urinate. If a mother successfully raises her young in a chimney they will return each year. At Animal Remover we provide a full line of chimney caps and other products that keep animals out. We offer single flue chimney caps, multi flue chimney caps, band around chimney caps, big top chimney caps, low profile chimney caps, circular flue chimney caps, and even simple chimney screens to keep unwanted critters away. We offer these chimney caps in a variety of materials (including but not limited to) stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, and copper.



Chimney Caps & Products in Cincinnati, Northern KY, Hamilton, Oxford & Dayton

Our chimney caps come with a full lifetime warranty. If any animal ever compromises one of our warranted chimney caps all you have to do is call and we will take care of the rest. Not only will we come out and provide the animal removal service at no cost, but we will also repair or reinstall a new chimney cap at no cost to you whatsoever.

Our chimney caps also keep out unwanted water so if you are seeing water in the bottom of your fireplace please feel free to give us a call. Our chimney caps are custom made so no chimney is too large or too small for us to install a cap on. Please call today for more information on our animal removal services or to have an animal proof chimney cap installed on your home.

Below Are Some Examples Of Chimney Caps We Provide

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