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November 9, 2020   8:45 pm

Our Squirrel Removal Expert Answers: Why Do Squirrels Flick Their Tails?

Squirrels have bushy tails that are often longer than their bodies. Their tails serve many functions, including helping them to balance as they perform quick maneuvers on tree branches and power lines as well as keeping them warm in the winter when they hunker down in their dens.

November 13, 2017   3:48 pm

Should You Tame Wild Squirrels? Why Squirrel Removal Is Important

At Animal Remover, we do everything we can to apply the most humane methods possible to safely capture animals that have made your home theirs. Squirrel removal is a pretty typical job for the Animal Remover team, but some people have a different method of squirrel removal: taming them.

January 29, 2019   5:07 pm

Top Reasons Why Opossums Are Near Your Home

Have you noticed an opossum issue in or around your home? Are you wondering why they are attracted to your home? In this blog, Animal Remover provides you with a list of the top reasons why opossums are interested in your home.

November 23, 2020   8:46 pm

Our Squirrel Removal Expert Answers: How Do Squirrels Find Their Nuts in the Winter?

Squirrels love nuts. Nuts are their main food source throughout the year, particularly when they are hunkering down for winter. Squirrels gather nuts in the late summer and fall. These creatures store them by burying them underground so they can retrieve them later when it turns to winter.

June 2, 2019   4:50 pm

Dead Animal Removal: What Happens When an Animal Dies

Finding a dead animal on your property or in your home is never fun, no matter what condition you find it in. After your initial shock and surprise, your feelings quickly turn to revulsion as you wonder how to get rid of the body. It probably smells and it looks awful. The dead animal removal experts at Animal Remover explain what happens when an animal dies.

April 29, 2020   1:57 pm

Animal Removal: How Do You Get Rid of Animals Under Your House?

You discovered animals living under your house. Now what? You can try to find these creatures yourself to determine what you’ve got. Are you ready to get in your dirty, dusty, and dark crawlspace? Animal removal can be a DIY job, but it’s up to you as a homeowner. It can be a tough task if you’re not prepared. Animal Remover explains how to get rid of animals under your house.

September 13, 2021   2:43 pm

Skunk Problem? Animal Remover Discusses Why Skunks Are Active in September and How to Get Rid of that Smell

When you think of the aroma of early Fall, crisp leaves, pumpkins, and cinnamon muffins usually come to mind. But you might notice another, less pleasant smell becoming more noticeable this September–the pungent odor of skunk spray.

January 15, 2018   10:32 pm

Wildlife Control: Keeping Bobcats Away From Your Home

Bobcats are one of the most widely distributed big cats in the United States. That is especially true in Ohio where reported bobcat sightings are up over the last few years. While bobcats may seem scary, they are rarely a threat to humans as they are exceedingly reclusive.

April 5, 2019   6:27 pm

Animal Remover Offers Tips for Dealing With Bad Smells

We will all have times when our house doesn’t smell pleasant. It could be lingering odors from cooking, fur babies, or just smells from daily life. If your home smells bad due to pest or animal infestation, you will probably need professional help to deal with it. Animal Remover has a few suggestions and is ready to help with their professional deodorization and disinfection services.

October 12, 2020   5:27 pm

Our Squirrel Removal Expert Answers: What Nuts Do Squirrels Eat?

Squirrels love nuts. These common rodents munch on nuts of all kinds for their food sources. And why not? Nuts come in a convenient package, are easy to carry, and store easily in the ground. Today’s blog from Animal Remover’s squirrel removal expert highlights the nuts that squirrels eat.

January 27, 2019   5:05 pm

Animal Emergency: What Should I Do If Was Bit by an Opossum?

A bite from an opossum can seem extremely scary, and you might be wondering if you are at risk of disease, infection, or rabies. Remember always to seek medical attention in the case of an animal bite. Animal Remover provides you with some initial care information and some facts about opossum bites.

July 28, 2017   5:55 pm

Are Groundhogs Dangerous? Animal Remover Answers

At Animal Remover, we take care of a range of different animals that can potentially become a nuisance. One of these animals is the groundhog. Groundhogs are often not associated with the idea of infestations or as being nuisance animals, but they certainly can be if they decide to make their home on your property.

January 27, 2017   7:30 pm

Yard Mole Removal and Your Outdoor Pets

Moles in your yard can be wildly frustrating. While the animals do help aerate your soil and eat many lawn and garden pests, seeing the areas of pushed up ground all across your yard is unsightly. The raised ground can even be a bit of a safety risk, especially if you have children.

April 16, 2016   10:17 pm

Squirrel Removal: Why Squirrel Repellent Doesn’t Work

At a glance, squirrels might seem relatively harmless. They can often be seen in early morning and evening, scrambling through your trees and yard in search of food. Despite their playful appearance, squirrels are supreme nuisance animals, capable of doing serious damage to your property.

January 23, 2018   10:44 pm

Dead Animal Removal: 2 Signs There is a Dead Animal in Your Home

It happens all the time, and most of us don’t bat an eye. A giant, hairy spider glides down its web while you’re in the garage. You find the nearest blunt object and smash two, three times for good measure. You slap that pesky mosquito when he lands on your arm.

March 9, 2018   8:29 pm

The Dangers of Muskrats for Wildlife Management

For people who have dealt with animal infestation and wildlife management issues, muskrats aren’t typically the first animals that come to mind. Most of the time, we think of squirrels or raccoons because most people in an urban context deal with those animals.

May 22, 2017   4:26 pm

Dead Animal Removal: Health Risks of Dead Animals In the Home

Maybe you’ve started noticing a lingering odor you just can’t seem to bleach away, or perhaps there’s a weird stain on your wall that doesn’t seem to have a logical source. These are typical signs that there may be a dead animal carcass trapped somewhere inside your home. If so, you will need to hire an animal control company for immediate dead animal removal.

September 18, 2017   2:43 pm

Dead Animal Removal Tips for Disposing of a Dead Bird

Finding a dead bird in your yard is a common but unpleasant occurrence. Birds die for many reasons including predatory attacks, succumbing to disease, or even flying into your house. When you find a dead bird, it’s important that you dispose of it properly. One of our specialties at Animal Remover is dead animal removal. To help you next time you find a dead bird in your yard, we’ve listed the steps you should take.

June 12, 2017   5:15 pm

How to Remove the Odor From Squirrels in the Attic

If you’ve had squirrels living in your attic, you no doubt understand the irritation that goes along with it. The scratching and scampering sounds in the middle of the night, the strange squeaks and chirps, and worst of all, the smell that lingers long after they’re gone.

August 30, 2017   9:24 pm

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Birdhouse and Birdfeeder or Get Squirrel Removal

If you are a bird watcher and lover, then you probably have bird feeders and bird houses sprinkled across your lawn. Nothing adds beauty to a lazy day like watching beautiful birds nest in the houses you built for them or stop by your feeder for tasty treats. Although also cute to some people, squirrels can eat all of the food from your bird feeders or make a birdhouse their own home.

December 10, 2016   2:30 pm

Animal Remover Tips on Preventing Critters From Rummaging Through Your Trash This Winter

At some point or another, a critter has probably rummaged through your garbage, leaving a mess to clean up and attracting other nuisance animals to your home. Although wildlife can dig through your trash any day of the year, your outdoor garbage can is especially susceptible to wildlife in the winter months due to the scarcity of available food and the additional waste from the holiday season.

September 12, 2019   4:14 pm

Skunk Removal: Plants in Your Yard That Keep Skunks Away

Encountering a skunk is never fun for you, your family or your fur babies. You can’t try to scare the skunk, because it could spray everyone. You have to avoid the skunk, because it could carry rabies. If you’ve been having trouble with skunks on your property, there are steps you can take to prevent them.

March 13, 2018   8:32 pm

Safe Squirrel Removal Methods For Your Vehicle

When the winter months come, your vehicle requires a little extra care. You have to wake up a little earlier to warm it up. You have to watch your fluids more closely. You have to be on the lookout for ice. However, one thing that people don’t expect to find in their car during the winter is a squirrel. But in reality, squirrels are drawn to cars during the winter because of the warmth coming from your engine.

February 15, 2021   7:16 pm

How a Bat Valve Works for Bat Removal

You have bats in your attic or basement. How do you get rid of them? You have a few options, such as a bat removal expert physically catching them and taking them away. One of the most effective bat removal methods uses a bat valve. Today’s blog from Animal Remover explains how a bat valve works for bat removal.

November 17, 2017   3:57 pm

Animal Remover Busts the Myth of Mice and Eyesight

There are plenty of myths out there about infestations, and the kind of animals that will typically infest a residential or business property. At Animal Remover, we have enough experience and expertise in wildlife control to dispel some of these myths, however large or small they might be.

July 3, 2019   6:04 pm

Honey Bee Removal: Understanding Honey Bee Behavior

Honey bees are a vital part of the Earth. These busy insects pollinate plants, help farmers grow crops, and produce delicious honey for us to sweeten our hot tea and smoothies. However, when a honey bee hive gets too close to your home or your children, or even inside your home, it’s time to take action. The honey bee removal experts at Animal Remover discuss honey bee behavior, so you can better understand these insects.

May 12, 2017   4:13 pm

Dead Animal Removal: How to Tell If There Is a Dead Animal In My Home

Whether you live in the middle of the city or on the outskirts of town, wild animals will always find ways to invade your home. While this can be a huge hassle for homeowners, the problem only worsens when said animal crawls into a wall, attic or crawl space and dies.

April 18, 2021   7:04 pm

Reasons Why Animals Have Spring Babies and What You Can Do About It

As trees start to bud out and the days grow warmer, you may start to notice an increase in animals on your property, more deer, coyotes, skunks, groundhogs, and racoons begin to wander into your yard. They can destroy your gardens, root through your trash, and endanger your family. In today’s blog from Animal Remover, we will explain why babies are born in the spring and how we safely remove nuisance animals.

December 29, 2017   8:54 pm

Wildlife Control: Finding Baby Raccoons on Your Property

If you happen to stumble upon a baby raccoon it is important to follow a few steps to give the baby raccoon it’s best chance to survive. Many people assume the worst regarding the missing mother – either she has been trapped or killed and this baby raccoon is now on its own. This is often the first mistake people make when they find a baby raccoon.

March 1, 2021   7:17 pm

What Happens If You See Bats in Your Basement? Our Bat Removal Expert Explains

Bats love to live in dark, warm places. When they enter a human home, that typically means an attic, chimney, or inside walls. In today’s blog from our bat removal experts, we explain what to do if you find a bat in your basement.

October 8, 2021   2:29 pm

Types of Snakes and Snake Removal in Ohio: What You Need to Know From Animal Remover

If you’re planning on camping or hiking in beautiful Ohio in early Fall, you should learn about our native snakes. While most snakes in Ohio are non-venomous and harmless creatures, they pose a problem when they nest or occupy your yard, basement, or another part of your property. Seeing a snake is alarming, but rest assured there are experts that can provide snake removal services quickly and humanely!

June 19, 2019   4:56 pm

The Raccoon Removal Experts Discuss What Raccoons Eat

Raccoon removal is a tricky proposition because these pesky animals are curious explorers that can get into anything. Raccoons go anywhere to find food, can climb trees, and they are very intelligent. The raccoon removal experts at Animal Remover explain what raccoons eat and how that affects your prospects of finding raccoons on your property.

August 16, 2016   3:22 pm

Bat Removal FAQs

Although there is a typical “Yuck” factor surrounding bats, they are actually quite beneficial for the environment. Bats help to keep the insect population down with their ability to eat their weight in mosquitoes each night. However, bats do boast some very good reasons you may want to keep your distance. They are opportunistic dwellers and can squeeze through a ¼” gap in a structure.

January 28, 2018   10:48 pm

Bat Removal: Why Do Bats Keep Coming to My House?

While bats play a vital role in our ecosystem, sometimes they find your home an appealing place to hibernate for the winter. For most people, nothing is more chilling than the thought of walking into a room, only to find bats looming over your head. Bats are a common nuisance (especially if you live in a rural area), and if you have experienced a bat problem in your home time and time again,

July 27, 2020   2:30 pm

Bat Removal: How Our Bat Houses Work

Bats are amazing creatures. Collectively, they eat tons of insects every night. Bats are the world’s only flying mammals, and they form a vital part of Earth’s ecosystem. Yet bats can be a nuisance if they get into your attic for shelter. One way to help control bats on your property is to have a bat house. In today’s blog from the bat removal experts, Animal Remover explains how our bat houses work.

June 26, 2019   5:58 pm

Bird Removal: Most Common Birds Found at Airports

Birds at airports are not necessarily a good thing. Airports help preserve natural areas surrounding the property, to a point. Any grassy areas or water features near runways offer nesting and feeding grounds for birds. They can become a nuisance very quickly if left to themselves. Animal Remover explains birds commonly found at airports with regards to bird removal.

March 22, 2017   4:46 pm

Flying Squirrel Removal Advice

Here at Animal Remover, we deal with some very unique wildlife control situations. In Ohio, the most common squirrel is the eastern gray squirrel, but you may also encounter the flying squirrel as well. While the technicians at Animal Remover typically respond to requests for squirrel removal involving the typical gray, brown, red or black squirrel, we can also handle flying squirrels.

May 20, 2017   4:22 pm

Are Skunks Dangerous? Our Skunk Removal Expert Answers

Skunks may seem relatively friendly but the truth is, they can (and will) be aggressive if they feel threatened. You should never assume a skunk will act friendly, especially if you encroach on a litter of kits. If you’re interested in learning more about skunks and the potential dangers of encountering one, this blog will review some of their habits as well as the dangerous qualities they possess.

December 15, 2017   8:38 pm

Wildlife Control: How to Protect Yourself from an Attacking Goose

More often than not geese make excellent neighbors, bringing a natural beauty to any property they inhabit. However, geese can also be extremely territorial in certain situations. Specifically, after the egg-laying season or the “nesting period” geese become extremely defensive of their territory and will go on the attack if they view you as a threat.

March 29, 2017   4:54 pm

Animal Removal: Diseases Armadillos Carry

Although people most often think of armadillos as only living in the Southwestern United States, they also can live in Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, among many other states in the USA. Armadillos are rather harmless creatures and are more likely to run than to attack when threatened.

August 1, 2016   10:26 pm

Wildlife Control: Most Common Summer Nuisance Animals

It’s summertime in Southwest Ohio, which means sunny skies, pool parties, and barbecues. It’s the time of year when everybody gets together to enjoy the nice weather with family and friends. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones enjoying the heat.

July 12, 2021   8:54 pm

How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away From Your Deck, Patio, or Pool

Many animals are naturally drawn to bodies of water, including your pool. Not to mention, the space beneath your deck is a dark and safe area (perfect for breeding) with nearby access to food around your home.

September 20, 2017   2:46 pm

The Importance of Attic Restoration After Squirrel Infestation

If you’ve recently had squirrels in the attic of your home, you may be wondering if you should get attic restoration. After all, the squirrels were removed, right? Well, not quite. When squirrels invade your attic, they cause damage to your home that needs to be fixed immediately.

July 13, 2020   2:30 pm

Why Raccoon Removal Is Vital During the Summer

Summer in America is great for swimming, float trips, family vacations, backyard barbecues, and lots of wild animal activity. You might see more and more raccoons at this time of year than others. Animal Remover explains several reasons why raccoon removal becomes vital during this time.

September 24, 2019   4:30 pm

Yard Mole Removal: Facts About Moles

Moles are unwanted pests that may dig up your yard and garden. If you see molehills and raised strips of land on your lawn, these are signs that you have this burrowing rodent sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. Moles could damage your plants and vegetable garden.

October 26, 2020   5:27 pm

Animal Remover Discusses the Ecological Importance of Squirrels

Squirrels can be annoying rodents. They’re everywhere, they can get in your home, and they dart in front of traffic. Despite their adaptability to urban environments and their intrusions into human habitations, squirrels serve an important ecological role in the world. Animal Remover explains.

March 25, 2019   7:00 pm

Groundhog Removal, Trapping and Control

February 2 is Groundhog Day, which is when we find out if we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, if you have groundhogs in your yard, you probably won’t be celebrating.

February 18, 2018   10:24 pm

Animal Remover: When Can You Remove Birds’ Nests?

Having a birds’ nest in your yard can be an exciting experience. As the eggs hatch and the chicks grow up, you get the opportunity to watch the miracle of nature in action. Unfortunately, birds do not always build their nests in the most convenient locations.

May 23, 2019   7:50 pm

Bat Removal: Where Do Bats Like To Hide?

Bats are not only a legitimate pest, but they are also scarier than most pests. Many homes deal with squirrel infestations, but squirrels are also cute and lovable. Few people would describe bats as cute and lovable. Bats are also much more difficult to find compared to squirrels and other pests because they usually hide in dark corners away from light.

January 16, 2017   7:16 pm

Don’t Block Holes Before Calling for Squirrel Removal

Squirrels come into your home and build nests. They squeeze in and out of holes in your attic and walls to collect food. Maybe you discover squirrels when you see them on your roof or notice the hole in your wall. Now that you’ve discovered the squirrels in your attic or living space, what do you do? You should call a professional squirrel removal service to come take the squirrel from your home.

December 26, 2016   2:55 pm

Wildlife Control Tips: How to Tell What Kind of Animal is Living in Your Yard

The progression is usually a slow one. You wake up one morning and notice a small lump of dirt and grass near your garden. It’s a quick easy fix, so you just use your foot to push it back into the ground where it belongs.

April 24, 2017   9:47 pm

Wildlife Management for Turkey Vultures

Turkey vultures can congregate in your yards and trees, which can be quite annoying. We often get questions about what wildlife management methods you can do at home to keep turkey vultures away from your property. Luckily, there are some DIY methods that have worked for some people in the past.

August 20, 2021   10:30 am

Are Groundhogs and Their Babies Overtaking Your Yard? 10 Facts About Groundhogs and How to Get Rid of Them From Animal Remover

Groundhogs–they are the fluffy little creatures famous for predicting an early or late Spring every February, for their intricate tunnel systems and affinity for gnawing on wood. But when they start to infiltrate your yard, they can cause significant damage to your grass and soil, trees, garden, and surrounding structures.

March 20, 2021   5:57 pm

Bats in the Attic? Why DIY Bat Removal Methods Don’t Work

You’ve heard their wings flapping above you at night, and now you have actually witnessed the bats leaving their nest from your attic window and the eaves of your roof. They need to be removed, but what is the best course of action? Animal Remover’s bat removal expert explains.

January 17, 2019   4:53 pm

Animal Remover: Should I Use Rat Poison?

When you have a rat problem, rat poison may be the first and simplest solution you think of. However, rat poison can pose serious health risks if used incorrectly. Animal Remover explains the dangers of using rat poison and why you should consider using other rat removal methods.

August 12, 2019   7:19 pm

Geese Found in Ohio From the Geese Removal Experts

Geese are beautiful waterfowl that migrate to find food every year based on the weather patterns of the seasons. You might see geese fly over in the spring and fall, or you might hear them make their characteristic “honking” calls as they migrate. Geese live in Ohio at various times of the year. The geese removal experts at Animal Remover highlight the different geese species found in Ohio.

February 8, 2018   8:46 pm

Bat Removal: Signs Bats Are in Your House

Having a bat in your house is not a pleasant experience. Not only are bats difficult to remove, but they can also leave behind harmful diseases that can infect you and your fur babies. If you have a bat in your house, you need to remove it as soon as possible to protect your health. Below, the bat removal experts at Animal Remover list the most common signs of a bat infestation.

January 14, 2017   7:13 pm

Prevent the Need for Squirrel Removal With Squirrel Houses

Squirrels nest in trees, chimneys, attics, and any place they can find protection from predators and the elements. Did you know, however, that squirrels will also inhabit birdhouses and eat from bird feeders? They are tricky, smart animals, and sometimes playing on their side will help you keep your house safe from the havoc they can bring.

August 28, 2017   9:20 pm

Deter Opossums Before Animal Removal Becomes Necessary

When it comes to keeping your lawn and home safe from nuisance animals, you should worry about quite a few animals before you worry about opossums. Moles, raccoons, gophers, snakes, skunks, and squirrels will cause a lot more problems for your home, your lawn, or your fur babies than most opossums.

February 10, 2018   8:48 pm

Skunk Removal Tips for Getting Rid of Skunk Odor

There’s no mistaking the scent of a skunk. This potent, unpleasant odor is a skunk’s best defense against predators, and for good reason: the scent is incredibly hard to remove. If you or your family are unfortunate enough to get sprayed by a skunk, you may find yourself in a panic.

April 17, 2019   6:34 pm

Attic Restoration: Deodorizing, Disinfecting, Replacing Insulation

When there are squirrels in the attic, they can cause a lot of damage to your insulation and ceiling. Raccoons, bats, birds, or other animals invading your attic bring just as many problems. Animal Remover is able to deal with all of these issues.

August 17, 2020   6:42 pm

Why You Need a Squirrel Removal Service in the Summer

Squirrel removal is more than just removing squirrels from your home after they settle in. In fact, a squirrel removal service is mostly about prevention. Summertime is the perfect time for preventing squirrels from getting into your home because most of the time they’re outdoors. Today’s blog from Animal Remover explains why you need a squirrel removal service in the summer.

May 1, 2019   7:07 pm

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels in the attic are frustrating and annoying for homeowners, but they can also decrease your home’s value when these pests go unchecked. If you have squirrels in the attic, it might be a sign of an infestation, meaning they’ve set up a home and don’t plan on leaving. Even if there isn’t an infestation, removing squirrels in the attic sooner rather than later is critical to prevent damage.

October 26, 2017   3:35 pm

Honey Bee Removal: Information on Africanized Honey Bees

You may have heard of Africanized honey bees, sometimes referred to as killer bees. Luckily, the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky areas don’t currently have these bees. Still, it’s good to know information about them in case you ever encounter them in other states. Today in the Animal Remover blog, we’ll discuss Africanized honey bees, how they’re different from regular bees, and clear up some misconceptions about them.

July 29, 2019   4:11 pm

Bat Removal: How Bats Raise Their Young

Bats are common carriers of rabies. That’s why you should consider a bat removal service if these flying mammals are invading your home or business. Once bats get in your attic, they are hard to get rid of because they are small and they can fit into almost any nook or cranny. In today’s blog, the bat removal experts at Animal Remover discuss the lifecycle of bats.

April 15, 2020   1:56 pm

Raccoon Removal: What Animals Can Live Under a House?

Your home is cozy and comfortable. It protects you from the heat and cold of the outdoors, allows you to relax, cook food, watch your favorite movies, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, wild animals recognize that your house could protect them too.

September 17, 2019   4:21 pm

What to Do When You Need Animal Removal on Your Roof

You’re in your attic, and you hear a rustling noise above your head. Then you go outside and see a raccoon scuttling around or a flock of birds preening their feathers on the roof. You’ve decided enough is enough. You want your roof cleared of all invaders. Animal Remover discusses what to do when you need animal removal on your roof.

January 30, 2017   7:35 pm

Identifying 5 Common Ohio Bats for Bat Removal

There are more than 1,200 different bat species all over the world. At least 13 species of bats call Ohio home. The bats that reside in Ohio are harmless and only eat insects. They can become a hassle if they begin to live in your house, requiring you to hire a bat removal service. Animal Remover, an expert in bat removal services, has created a list of five of the most common bats found in Ohio to give you a little bit of information and help you identify your potential bat problem.

March 17, 2019   6:53 pm

Flying Squirrels Can Cause As Much Damage as Other Squirrels

Flying squirrels can make their way into attics and wall voids in your home, and they will do just as much damage as their other squirrel cousins. The biggest difference between these types of squirrels is the time of day when they do their damage. Most squirrels do most of their damage during the day because they are diurnal, however, the nocturnal flying squirrel does most of its damage during the night.

March 12, 2020   12:45 pm

Our Bird Removal Expert Explains How Bird Netting Works

Bird netting is designed to keep birds off of your property. It’s a great wildlife control tool that keeps birds away from nesting sites on buildings and food sources in gardens or fisheries. The bird removal experts at Animal Remover explain how bird netting works to protect your property.

January 12, 2021   12:20 pm

You Have a Bat Emergency! Now What? Our Bat Removal Expert Explains

Your day was going fine. You just picked up the kids from school after a productive day at work. Dinner smells wonderful. Then, you see a shadow on the dining room table as you’re setting up the dishes. You look up and see a small flying creature moving close to the ceiling.

January 19, 2019   4:54 pm

Tactics to Keep Opossums Out of Your Yard

Opossums are nocturnal creatures that scavenge for food during the night. While they may look cute, they are known to hold various diseases and destroy garbage bags and landscaping. Animal Remover suggests various tactics on how to keep these creatures out of your yard.

May 20, 2019   7:45 pm

Squirrel Removal: What Seasons Will You See Squirrels?

As far as wild animals go, few are more loved than squirrels. However, just like any wild animal, squirrels can quickly become pests, especially if they begin invading your yard or home. Squirrel removal is a prevalent need for homeowners, especially for homes in suburban areas. However, squirrels aren’t always a massive problem throughout the year.

January 21, 2019   4:57 pm

Learn How Raccoons Prepare for Winter

While raccoons appear to be harmless, they can start various problems during the winter months when they begin to prepare for colder temperatures. To understand why raccoons could become an issue during winter months, Animal Remover takes a look at how raccoons prepare themselves for the cold winter.

June 8, 2020   3:51 pm

Wild Animal Control: Why Do I Smell More Skunks in the Summer?

Summer is here in Greater Cincinnati. It’s time for us to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Summer time is prime time for skunks, when they are most active and, consequently, the smelliest. Today’s blog from Animal Remover, your wild animal control expert, answers the question, “Why do I smell more skunks in the summer?”

April 20, 2018   10:20 pm

Raccoon Removal Tips: How to Raccoon-Proof Your Deck or Porch

Among the most common of nuisance animals, raccoons can be highly destructive and potentially dangerous. They are notorious for rifling through dumpsters and knocking over garbage cans. They carry a number of parasites and diseases that can be harmful to humans and your furry family.

August 26, 2019   7:23 pm

Why Pigeon Removal Is Important for Cities and Towns

Pigeons are distinctly urban birds. These birds roost wherever they can, often on a flat ledge such as a roof or window sill. Then they have babies and leave droppings behind. Pigeons can become a nuisance at your home or business very quickly, and pigeon removal is an effective means of solving the problem.

November 15, 2021   7:51 pm

Yard Mole Removal: Everything You Need to Know

When you make a big deal out of something, it could be said that you’re “making a mountain out of a molehill.” But do you know what is a big deal? Actual mole damage to your beautiful yard!

December 12, 2017   8:36 pm

Wildlife Control: Identifying Muskrat Invasion Early

Many people do not think of muskrats when they think of an invasive species that can cause major property damage. In reality, muskrats can have a very negative impact on your property and often require a professional wildlife control service to remove them. Animal Remover has a lot of experience in providing safe, humane, and reliable muskrat removal and wildlife control.

September 12, 2017   2:39 pm

Wildlife Control: How to Prevent a Snake from Entering Your Home

Finding a snake in your house is always an unsettling sight. Removing a snake from your house can be a hassle. To prevent this situation from occurring, try taking a few precautionary steps. At Animal Remover, we specialize in safe and effective wildlife control solutions. Here, we’ve provided some wildlife control tips that help prevent snakes from ever entering your house.