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Cincinnati Goose Removal & Control

At Animal Remover we provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective Canada goose removal and control. We provide round up services in which we can remove entire flocks of Canada geese from your property, or we can remove specific geese that are attacking people.


Goose Removal

If you have a Canada goose or a family of Canada geese living on your commercial or residential property we can provide the services to remove them and keep them away for the future. There is no Canada goose problem that we can’t handle. Canada geese will defecate and urinate all over parking lots. We use the most up to date Canada geese removal equipment and techniques to take care of your problem.

Goose Removal, Trapping & Control in Cincinnati, NKY, Oxford & Dayton

Canada Geese are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of living near people. Canada geese love to hang out in ponds and lakes near human development. They are also very territorial and like to nest near business entry ways and in landscapes. The most common complaints include the following:

Canada geese droppings in parking lot.

Canada geese attacking employees or customers.

Dead Canada geese on property.

Canada geese eating vegetation around pond or lake.

Canada geese living on roof.

Sick and potentially dangerous Canada goose.

Nesting Canada goose.

Canada geese living on and occupying golf courses.


Canada Geese Biology

(Branta canadensis) Characterized by their brownish-grey body, a black neck, and a black head with white patches on the face. Male adult geese weight an average of 7-14 lbs. Females weigh an average of 5-12 lbs. Lifespans in the wild are around 10-24 years. Canada geese reach sexual maturity during their second year of life. At this point they will find a mate, like penguins Canada geese mate for life. In the spring Canada geese will lay 2-9 eggs. Incubation will last 24-28 days. Canada geese will molt during the last 2 weeks of June, and at this time we can provide goose removal services where we can remove entire flocks of Canada geese that threaten your property.

Canada Geese Behavior

Living near Canada geese can be dangerous. Canada Geese will attack humans if they feel themselves or their goslings to be threatened. First the geese will stand tall and erect. They will then spread their wings and produce a hissing sound. Next, the geese will charge. Finally they may bite or attack with their wings or the large elevated hind toe.


Canada Geese Nuisance Concerns

Since Canada geese like to dwell around ponds and lakes with little aquatic vegetation around to get into their way, they can come into conflict with people. Canada geese will defecate all around near their living sites. This usually causes problems for business parking lots and prompts the use of a goose removal service. Canada geese are very territorial and will also defend their nest; this causes problems when they nest near entry ways to business’ or in landscapes.

Canada Geese Diseases

Canada geese can carry avian bird flu, a disease that is transmittable to humans. However such transmission is rare the risk of human pandemic is low.


How to get rid of geese:

When it comes to Canada goose removal we have many high tech tools and traps at our disposal. The only proven method to get rid of Canada geese is through trapping or physical removal. We can remove single attack Canada geese or we can remove entire flocks. We also provide Canada goose nest destruction services. We can even treat your property to repel Canada geese.

We offer Goose Control & Removal Services in the following areas:

Cincinnati OH, West Chester OH, Mason OH, Fairfield OH, Oxford OH, Northern KY and SE IN