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Animal Deodorization & Disinfection

At Animal Remover we provide safe, reliable, and effective deodorization and disinfection services. Having this service performed on your property can be lifesaver for many reasons.


Animal Deodorization & Disinfection

First, our formula will deodorize to eliminate any odors in the space that the animals or their droppings have left behind. Our formula has a special enzyme / bacteria in it that eats away at bad odors. This means we don’t cover up odors – we eliminate them. Animals can smell and seek out areas where other animals have been, therefore, if you’ve had animals in the past this puts you at high risk in the future. A deodorizer will help to eliminate that smell and make your attic less appealing to other animals in the future. Second, our formula will disinfect and eliminate harmful microorganisms and bacteria that could potentially harm you or your family.



Animal Disinfection and Deodorization in Cincinnati, Northern KY, Hamilton, Oxford & Dayton

We have deodorized everything from homes to cars – even airplanes. If you are interested in our deodorization and disinfection service call Animal Remover today and we can develop a custom solution for you.

Below are just a few of the applications that we can provide deodorization and disinfection services for:

Skunk Smell:
Deodorization / disinfection are also a great option for helping to eliminate skunk smell in your home. If you have a skunk smell in your home please feel free to give us a call. We can remove the skunk and eliminate the odor with a deodorization / disinfection treatment.

Dead Animal Smell:
If an animal unexpectedly dies in your attic or walls your home will be filled with a putrid odor as the dead animal decays. A deodorization / disinfection service will eliminate the terrible dead animal smell and make your home smell clean again.

Animals Living in Attic:
If you have animals living your attic they will make a mess with their droppings and urine. A thorough attic cleanout is always recommended first. But after all the droppings and urine-soiled insulation have been removed you will need our deodorizing and disinfecting service to prevent growth of fungal spores in the area, which can be very hazardous to your health.

We offer Deodorization & Disinfection Services in the following areas:

Cincinnati OH, West Chester OH, Mason OH, Fairfield OH, Oxford OH, Northern KY and Lawrenceburg IN