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Why Choose Animal Remover?


Why Choose Us

Here at Animal Remover we can solve any animal problem. There is no problem too big or too small. We strive to service the customer best by providing humane animal removal, affordable prices, and fast service. Our team will strive to make sure that your wildlife control problem is taken care of and that you don’t have another problem again in the future. If you want an honest, reliable wildlife control company to service your property, you should choose Animal Remover.

At Animal Remover we do background checks on all of our team members so that you can feel comfortable with the person who is working at your home or business. Every team member on staff is put through Animal Remover Animal Expert Training, which encompasses specific training programs designed for each of the animals that we trap, control, remove and exclude. We have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff of wildlife experts and wildlife damage repair/cleanup specialists. For your convenience, we also provide a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service. If you have an emergency and an animal is in your living space, please call now.

We Are Protecting Environment

At Animal Remover, LLC we are dedicated to protecting our environment. In an ongoing effort to better our planet, here are a few ways that we have gone green:

Our uniforms are made from recycled cotton.

Our forms and invoices are made from recycled paper.

We use compact fluorescent bulbs in our office to cut down on the cost of electricity and also energy usage.

We use low-flow regulators in our office bathrooms to cut down on water usage.

We recycle all the paper we use.

We recycle all of our unused metal.

Many of our employees carpool to work to cut down on emissions.

Animal Remover has provided Wildlife Control and Animal Removal for:

Animal Remover Is A Member Of The Following Associations

Accredited A Member of the Better Business Bureau

Professional member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association

Professional member of the Ohio Wildlife Control Operators Association

Professional member of Bat Conservation International

Professional member of the Ohio State Trappers Association