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Skunk Removal Tips

Skunks have put fear into the hearts of millions of people with their ability to release a horrible smell when they feel threatened. Nuisance skunk issues are on the rise due to constant development and deforestation.


How to Keep Skunks Away

When skunks are forced to leave their dens in the forest and their food sources have depleted, they have no choice but to take up residence under porches, decks, sheds and in crawl spaces. To a skunk, the crawl space of a home is nothing more than a burrow for them to live in. While in their burrow, skunks will periodically release their skunk essence causing problems for people and domesticated animals living on the property.

Maybe you’ve had prior problems with this nuisance animal and you need to know how to keep skunks away for good. There are certain steps you can take in order to make your property less skunk friendly and prevent a skunk problem in the future.

Do a monthly visual home inspection of the exterior of your home.

You don’t have to be a home inspector to perform an inspection like this. You are just simply looking for things that look out of place or different than they were before. If you notice that there are holes around your porch, deck, or shed or if you smell a skunk, call the professionals at Animal Remover to set up a skunk inspection.

Keep an eye out at dusk to see if skunks are exiting holes around your porch, deck, shed or crawl space.

Make sure that shrubs are neatly trimmed and at least 2 feet away from the home.

This provides cover for skunks and other wildlife to move about your property undetected.

Make sure that window wells around your foundation are covered.

This is a common place where skunks fall down into and cannot get out.

Keep all bird, squirrel and deer feeders at least 20 feet away from home.

People love to watch the birds on their feeders and like to keep the feeders as close to the home as possible. However, this will attract skunks and many other nuisance animals that may burrow around your home.

If you feed your four-legged family members outside always remember to bring their food bowls back in when they are done eating.

Skunks will be attracted to this food source from very far away.

Be sure to keep garbage picked up and inside the can.

If garbage is left out on the ground or in bags on the ground, skunks will take advantage of this prime food source.

Keep piles of firewood at least 20 feet away from home.

Woodpiles are an excellent habitat for skunks and they will not hesitate to take up residence in these areas.

Implement the tips above to keep skunks away from your home.

Although, even with all of the above skunks can still be very persistent and may intrude onto your property. If you have skunks living in your crawl space, porch, deck, or shed call the experts at Animal Remover for fast, effective, and humane skunk removal and control.

For more information please visit our skunk removal and control page.