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Mice Removal Tips

It is important to address a mouse situation as soon as you notice it. Mice can reproduce very fast and the longer you wait the worse the mouse situation can get.

How to Keep Mice Away

There are certain steps you can take in order to make your property less mouse friendly and prevent a mice problem. Here are some preventative tips for on how to keep mice away.

Do a monthly visual home inspection of the exterior of your home.

You don’t have to be a home inspector to perform a visual inspection like this. You are just looking for things on your home that look out of place or different than they were before. Mice typically enter through small gaps and cracks around the foundation. Mice can fit in through a hole the size of a dime so sometimes these small areas are very hard to find. Mice will also climb the home and take advantage of gaps and cracks on or around the roof line.

Keep an ear out for noises that you hear in the home.

Your attic space is an acoustically designed space, designed to keep the noise of things outside out. So if you have a mouse inside your attic space it may sound much louder than it really is. People often call complaining of a large animal walking in their attic like a raccoon or opossum however sometimes these loud noises can be made by mice.

Watch for small mouse droppings in the corners of rooms, under sinks, on shelves, or in kitchen drawers.

Be sure to keep all pet food in heavy duty plastic sealed containers.

Mice can find food from very far away. It is especially important to keep decorations sealed in containers for reason that many decorations are made with real candy or scented wax that will attract mice. It is very important to also keep stored food in pantries in plastic sealed containers to prevent attracting mice.

Keep shrubs neatly trimmed and at least 2 feet away from the home.

This provides cover for mice and other rodents to travel around the property undetected.

Make sure that the trees surrounding the home are not within 10 feet of the roof.

Not only can the trees themselves cause damage to the home but they are often highways for mice traveling on and off the roof. Mice can still climb up siding, brick, and many other areas so simply cutting down trees will not solve the problem. However it will help to eliminate the easy access to the roof.

Keep all bird and deer feeders at least 20 feet away from the home;

this will attract mice and many other rodents that will cause problems on your property.

After feeding your furry family members, be sure to put their food away when they are done.

We receive a lot of complaints about mice eating pet food right out of the bowl, or chewing through pet food bags that are stored in the garage.

Keeping a very clean and clutter free home will help to keep mice away.

In cluttered homes mice can sometimes travel from one room to another undetected due to the large amount of clutter. Cleaning the home on a regular basis is a must for keeping mice away. Be sure to clean under couches, refrigerators, and other areas where food can end up and mice might find it.

Keep piles of firewood at least 20 feet away from home.

This makes great habitat for mice and other animals like snakes that eat mice.

Even with all of the above, mice can still be very persistent and may intrude into your home or attic space if they are looking for a place to live. If you suspect you have mice in your attic, walls, basement, crawl space, on your roof, or in your soffit, call the experts at Animal Remover for fast, effective, and humane mouse removal, exclusion, and control. Always remember a mouse situation can lead to a snake situation.