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Bird Removal Tips

Birds are pretty creatures, but they can be a nuisance to your property as well as a potential health risk.


How to Keep Birds Away

Not only that, but if you have a bird infestation at your business, they can cost you money. And nobody wants that. Fortunately, there are certain bird removal steps that you can take to make your property less bird-friendly – whether it’s your garden, home, place of business or something else – and to prevent a problem in the future.

Use bird spikes.

It sounds intense, but in actuality it’s a harmless bird deterrent. The plastic spikes simply make an area undesirable. By placing spikes on your ledges, beams, street lights, signs or any other place you deem fit, you can expect to drastically reduce the amount of birds that you see on your property.

Annoy them with sound.

Birds are sensitive to sound, and use their sense of it to avoid predators. While almost any noise will do, try thwarting birds with recordings of predators. Anything from foxes, to weasels, to raccoons should work just fine.

Make them see things.

Or at least make them think they see things. A bird that sees something stirring in its favorite spot is a bird that will most likely avoid going close to said spot. Try implementing moving, flashy items like spinning wheels or strips of foil.

Use bird netting.

Now that’s not to say you are attempting to trap the bird, but rather, you are preventing them from getting to areas where you don’t want them to go. Such areas could be a porch, garden, front door, busy walkway, etc. Animal Remover can attach bird netting around the perimeter of your problem area so you can enjoy a bird-free environment.

Scare them away.

Birds are fidgety creatures to begin with, especially towards humans, so your mere presence is often enough to push birds away. However, most of us don’t have the time to constantly be focused on where those pesky birds are. Instead of keeping a 24/7 watch, try implementing certain scare tactics. A scarecrow or a fake snake are good options.

Even with the above tips, birds are still very persistent. If you find yourself struggling to rid a bird problem, call the wildlife control experts at Animal Remover. We provide safe, humane, reliable and effective bird removal, trapping, control and exclusion.

For more information visit our Bird Removal and Control page or give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our animal removal services?