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Animal Damage Prevention

At Animal Remover not only do we provide safe, humane, reliable, and effective animal removal, trapping, and control, but we also do animal damage repair and prevention in Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and South Eastern Indiana. Animal damage prevention is the act of stopping an animal problem before it occurs.


Animal Damage Prevention

Animals love to live in attics where they will raise their young. When inside the attic animals cause massive amounts of damage. Some animal species are opportunistic dwellers which means they will take up residence in your attic using holes due to wind or rain damage. Other animals will chew holes to gain access. Our team offers animal damage prevention in the tri-state area, Greater Cincinnati, and Greater Dayton.



Animal Damage Prevention Services in Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and South Eastern Indiana

When an animal gains entry into your attic they will return each year to raise their young. The first step is to trap and remove the animals. The next step is to repair the damaged areas so that the animals cannot get back in. And the last step is repairs for animal damage prevention. A preventative repair is repairing an area that is not a problem presently but could potentially become a problem in the future. Here at Animal Remover, we do this because after you’ve invested money into keeping the animals out and trapping the animals we realize that you don’t want another animal problem in the future.

When we perform an animal inspection on your property we will give you an Animal Intrusion Worksheet which will describe the problem areas of your home. We always also recommend doing preventative items where ever they are needed. If you suspect you may have a hole on your home that may provide item entry please feel free to call us today!

A few examples of preventative repairs are listed below

Installing a chimney cap to prevent raccoon entry.

Installing bird spikes on a newly installed store sign to ensure birds wont land on it.

Installing a heavy gauge soffit corner repair to prevent squirrel entry.

Installing coi netting on a pond to prevent loss of fish due to raccoons.

Installing a roof vent guard to keep squirrels from chewing on the vent.

Installing a bathroom vent guard to keep birds from living in the bathroom vent tube.

Installing a dryer vent guard to keep snakes from living in the dryer vent tube.

We offer Animal Damage Prevention Services in the following areas:

Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and South Eastern Indiana