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Animal Remover FAQs

When you are calling to report an animal, please just call once. We will get the message and a wildlife control specialist will be sent out to get the animal at our convenience. We pick up animals between the hours of 7am and 8pm.


Yes! We do. Please call us to find out if you qualify.

It depends on the situation. Sometimes we do charge for inspections depending upon the circumstances surround the animal situation and the property.

Yes, we do. We offer complete and comprehensive insect and rodent pest control services in addition to our wildlife animal removal services. Call us today for a free inspection!

No, we are not funded by city, state, or federal organizations. We are a private corporation and must charge a fee for our animal removal services. However, there are special instances involving exotic animal removal that may be free of charge.

  • The Initial Inspection / Service fee covers us traveling to your property, performing a full inspection, determining exactly what animal problem you having and what we can do to solve it.
  • Setting traps if applicable, resetting traps inadvertently tripped, cleaning off snow, ice, and debris, rebating traps with fresh bait as necessary, and disinfecting the trap for the next customer.
  • Writing out a full Animal Intrusion Worksheet (prices for animal damage repair / cleanup).

It depends. Sometimes we remove animals on a per head basis because we handle each animal individually. In other instances, we charge a flat rate to remove animals. And in some cases, we charge per trip to the property.

The price per animal covers us coming to your site, removing the animal from your property, resetting the trap with fresh bait and lure, and relocating or euthanizing the removed animal.

We have a vast service area. We provide services in locations across the United States. Our headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have locations in Harrison, Ohio, Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Central to East Florida.

It covers us traveling to your site, removing animals, and in some cases also repairing animal damage or providing exclusion services.

The per trip cost covers us travel to your property, removing animals, rebaiting traps, relocating animals, euthanizing animals, and doing repairs / exclusion services to keep animals out.

  • We do not use pet food in our traps.
  • We use specialized baits designed by our research and development department to prevent catching non-target animals and domesticated animals.
  • Most of our baits and lures are formulated to attract animals that are within 5-10 feet of the trap – not from long distances.
  • We set traps near the animal’s entry point or travel path.

  • It depends on which plan you are set up on. We offer multiple options and plans to fit your needs. We still must come to your site, release or remove the animal from your property, reset and re-bait the trap, and/or dispose of the animal.
  • We rarely catch non-target animals with our species-specific baits, but it does sometimes happen, even though we take all the precautions to prevent it from happening

The customer is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged traps. All our traps are secured down with stakes or wire to help prevent theft and to prevent the traps from being turned over by the animals themselves.

No. It is against state law for anyone other than the operator of the trap to release an animal from the trap, move the trap, touch, or tamper with the trap. If an animal is released from the trap the customer may be charged for the animal and for replacement cost of the trap if damaged. This will be determined by an Animal Remover wildlife specialist.

Yes, state law requires we have permission to set traps on private property. We also have specific terms for service that you must agree to.

It depends on your animal situation; different animals require different traps. This will be determined by an Animal Remover wildlife control specialist.

As close to the entry point, travel path, or to the damaged area as possible.

Yes, we do have one-way doors that will allow the animals to exit but not to return. However, some animals like squirrels can chew back in somewhere else rather quickly. We highly recommend that all potential entry points are repaired / reinforces before installing a one-way door. We’ve also seen squirrels chew back in through newly installed roofs.

It’s possible but highly unlikely. We do use a professional series trap. The only reason this could happen is if the trap was damaged prior by something other than an animal, if the traps is old and not functioning properly, or in some cases the trap may have been set incorrectly.

  • Yes, we will perform a full inspection of your attic apace, roof space, ceiling space, or crawl space and give you a full report.
  • We will check for physical animal damage, wire damage from animals chewing through wire, animal feces or droppings, animal urine which can be spotted using a UV light, and insulation compaction from animals walking on top of the insulation and compacting it.

If you pay a service fee it will be good if we are working on your property. If you request to stop service have traps removed and then want us to start again and are within a certain time of us pulling the traps, then we charge a fee to start up again.

  • If you are hearing noises in your attic and/or crawl space, or if there is evidence of animal activity.
  • Once we believe all the animals have been removed, we will put an indicator over the entry point. If there is no activity within 5-7 days, we move to the animal damage repair phase.

  • Yes, we will inspect the entire structure to identify the current problem areas as well as identify any potential problems.
  • We will give you an Animal Intrusion Worksheet (prices for repairs/exclusion/cleanup). You have the option to select which repairs or exclusion techniques you feel comfortable with.

  • Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on our repair work!
  • Our Animal Exclusion Warranty covers our repairs only, not the entire structure.

Unfortunately, we have no choice other than to re-start the process. If you are within 30 days of the initial agreement, we will come back and set up traps for a nominal fee.

  • Our repairs come with a warranty.
  • Please refer to our Animal Exclusion Warranty Page.

  • It is a technique, or materials used to protect possible entry points.
  • An example would be a vent guard, chimney cap, or buried mesh to prevent groundhogs or skunks from going under a deck or building.
  • These are not typical repairs, like holes in soffits or replacing boards, but more often upgrades, adding animal proof materials to keep animals out.

  • State law requires traps be checked every calendar day.
  • We allow you, the customer, to accept that responsibility and contact us by 10 a.m. to report an animal in a trap.
  • If you choose to check the traps and notify us, you will eliminate daily trap check fees.

  • We can provide daily trap checks for you for a nominal fee.
  • If this is a rental, you may have the tenant check traps.
  • You are still responsible for any fees if your tenant forgets to call and report animals in traps by 10 a.m.
  • You are still responsible if they damage the trap or release any animals.

We can provide daily trap checks for a nominal fee.

Yes, we provide animal pickup / emergency services on holidays and weekends, so the traps still need to be checked.

  • If you report an animal by 10 a.m., it will be picked up that day. If it is reported after 10 a.m., it may not be possible until the following day.
  • If we happen to catch an animal later in the day, please notify us. We may have someone in the area and may get it picked up that day.

  • State, federal, and local laws dictate what we can and can’t do.
  • If a legal and suitable habitat is available, we will relocate animals.
  • We provide service in several states and different states have different laws.

We utilize only the most up to date humane methods approved by state and federal law including c02 gas euthanasia and lethal injection.

We will remove the animal and call you.

  • The animal is most likely not stuck. It is probably using the wall void as a living space.
  • Once an animal is in a house, you’d be surprised where it can access.
  • If an animal is stuck, we can drill a small hole in the wall, use a specialized camera to inspect the situation, and remove the animal accordingly.

Yes, and in most cases, we can remove the animals from your chimney or fireplace in one day.

We will attempt to locate the animal and remove it by hand. In some cases, we may need to set a trap if the animal is hiding in an inaccessible space.

Yes, we offer a full attic insulation removal service, and a full-blown attic insulation service.

The animal will be removed from the trap at our convenience. If the animal is called in before 10 a.m. we will remove the animal that day between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. If the animal is called in after 10 a.m., we may not be able to remove it until the following day. Please do not call multiple times to report an animal. We will get your initial message a wildlife control specialist will be dispatched.