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Roofing and Repairs

Critters gain access to homes through a variety of ways. Raccoons will compromise roof vents, chew through soffits, squeeze between louvers, and even tear off roofing. Squirrels will chew through metal, vinyl, and wood siding. They will also chew louvers, soffits, and roof vents.


Roofing Repairs

Animals can cause thousands of dollars in damages and the damage they cause can lead to more serious problems in the future. When critters chew holes into your roof it can lead to water damage the next time it rains. When they gain access into your attic they will chew on electrical wire which creates a fire hazard. They will also leave their droppings and urine all over your attic insulation, ruining its ability to insulate your home. Fortunately, Animal Remover provides many kinds of roofing repairs to ease your worry.



Soffit and Roofing Repairs Services in Cincinnati, Northern KY, Hamilton, Oxford & Dayton

At Animal Remover, we are the experts in animal damage and roofing repairs. We provide a full animal damage repair service to fix any damage caused by raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels, bats, birds, and groundhogs. We offer a full line of animal damage control products that are utilized to repair roofs, soffits, gables, peaks, and vents where animals have caused damage. We use only the most technologically advanced and up to date methods to protect your property from animals that can cause massive amounts of damage.

Our roofing repairs also carry warranties that range anywhere from 2 years to a lifetime, depending on the repair. Our warranty is simple and our repairs keep animals out. If an animal compromises one of our warranted repairs within the warranty period, we will come back out, remove the animals, and repair the damage at no cost to you.

Below are just some of the many areas that we repair:

Roofing damaged by animals

Soffit chewed by squirrels

Dryer vent compromised by mice or rats

Bathroom vent compromised by birds

Ridge vent chewed by squirrels

Gutter line compromised by birds

Fascia pulled away by raccoons

Gable compromised by bats

Holes around foundation that provide rat entry

Wood siding damaged by woodpeckers

Power ventilator vent compromised by raccoons

Roof vents compromised by squirrels

Louvers compromised by raccoons

We offer Roofing and Soffit in the following areas:

Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, West Chester OH, Mason OH, Fairfield OH, Oxford OH, Northern KY, Lawrenceburg IN, and South Eastern Indiana