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Cheviot Raccoon Removal Services

The team you’re about to hire is fully licensed and has experience performing both residential and commercial services in Hamilton County Ohio.


Raccoon Removal Services

You need an affordable solution to your raccoon problem.

However, you also need to figure out how to fix the raccoon damage.

Instead of paying two companies, get both services when you schedule our Cheviot raccoon removal services.

Your Cheviot Raccoon Control Company

You don’t have to wait for weeks before we can remove raccoons. We provide our customers with fast, reliable services they can trust.

When young raccoons knock over your garbage cans, or female raccoons nest in your attic and leave raccoon feces everywhere, we can help.

Schedule your service right away or keep reading to find out more about how we help businesses and residents get rid of raccoons.

Raccoon Service in Cheviot Ohio

Prevent raccoons from getting access to your home in rural and urban areas

Live trapping and lethal traps are the best ways to get rid of raccoons that carry canine distemper and other diseases. Because rabies and raccoon roundworm can infect humans, it’s best to get a professional pest control company like ours to handle animal control.

Even if it’s a seemingly harmless mother raccoon and her young, you should still schedule our services.

Remember that any clothing, pet food, or human food that has been contaminated with raccoon poop or saliva must be thrown away in a sealed bag or burned for safety purposes.

Wildlife removal

Raccoon droppings clean up

Prevention Methods


Removal & Cleanup Process

Get professional raccoon trapping services from our team of professionals.

Traps are an important part of our removal process. We locate and trap all of the animals in your building and remove them from your property. What happens next is largely dependent on how much damage the raccoons have already caused.

If you scheduled our 24-hour emergency service, there’s a good chance there will only be a little bit of raccoon poop to clean up. However, that doesn’t mean the critters haven’t already torn up insulation and vents trying to get into your house or business.

Raccoons also like to tear up roof tiles in an attempt to get inside, so we’ll make sure that’s fixed before we leave.

Prevention Methods

Get professional critter prevention methods when you call our local team.

Aside from using commercial raccoon repellent, we can help you by finding and closing up open entryways. This can be as simple as strengthening the vent areas, or it could be more in-depth.

You can buy raccoon repellents from the store or use a mixture of garlic and hot chilies (Cayenne specifically). If you want you can use both of these methods and top it off with some coffee grounds and peppermint essential oil sprinkled around your house.


Raccoon Removal Services In Cheviot OH

Affordable raccoon removal services in Cheviot OH are easy to get when you call our team.

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