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Cheviot Squirrel Removal Services

We’ll work diligently to ensure that your Hamilton County Ohio property is returned to its original condition without wild animals. Contact us today to get started.


Squirrel Removal Services

Dealing with nuisance squirrels can be a real challenge, especially when you’re running out of ideas.

They’re causing damage or getting into your property. Not to mention the fact that they can carry diseases.

Animal Remover is the perfect solution for removing unwanted animals from your home, or business. So, let us help with effective Cheviot squirrel removal services.

The Local Wildlife Removal Specialist

Our animal removal team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals who know how to handle any type of wild animal encounter. No matter what kind of squirrel situation you face at your business or home, our pest control team can take it.

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Squirrel Control Services Cheviot Ohio

Squirrel problems are a quite common wildlife problem. These and other rodents can cause significant damage to your property. They also put both humans and pets at risk for dangerous diseases like rabies.

Squirrels have sharp front teeth. They gain access to the inside of your attic, wall voids or crawl space to build nests. While there, they gnaw on electrical wires, wooden framing, and insulation. This chewing can create house fires as well as the need for expensive repairs.

You’ve put a lot of work into your landscaping. Squirrel activity can quickly leave you with holes all over when they dig to hide away their acorns. Scratching damage to siding, cars, and other outside structures is also another concern

Don’t let squirrels nest in your attic or destroy your landscaping. Call our professionals today to push them scurrying back up to live in the tree branches.

Carry rabies and Lyme disease

Dig up your yard

Chew electrical wiring


The Removal Process

Our wildlife specialists are trained to get rid of squirrels in attics, walls, and crawl spaces. Squirrel trappig with a live trap is typically the best way for successful removal.

Once the squirrels have been safely removed, then it’s time for cleanup. We will thoroughly remove all evidence of the critter. Our complete service also involves deodorization and disinfection.

In addition, our skilled professionals will complete repairs to your structure. Damaged wires may cause a fire if not taken care of promptly. Wooden beams, soiled insulation, and other building materials will also be fixed.

Our team will work hard to completely remove the animal and its after effects.

Effective Method For Prevention

Sealing entrance points is a great method for motivating nuisance animals to go elsewhere for food or shelter. This is an important service that Animal Remover offers. Blocking entry points, including gable vents, will prevent any further damage to your property.

That being said, you may be concerned about the squirrels you’ve seen in your yard. If they’re hanging around your bird feeders, you can add baffles to make it difficult for them to reach the bird seed. Likewise, moving your feeders away from nearby trees will also help if squirrels can’t jump across from trees.

Squirrels will not hang around if there is no food supply to sustain them.


Squirrel Removal Services In Cheviot OH

If you are experiencing a squirrel infestation, then call our experts. Our squirrel removal services in Cheviot OH will take care of your squirrel problem.

We’ll rid your home or business of these pests and help you get back to your normal routine.