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Dayton Bat Removal Services

We understand wildlife control challenges. In fact, our team has performed hundreds of bat removal jobs on both commercial and residential premises. We proudly help clients all across Montgomery County Ohio.


Bat Removal Services

Do you suspect that you have a bat colony taking up residence in your attic or basement?

If you notice bat droppings and squeaking sounds coming from somewhere, then you may be facing a nuisance wildlife issue with these creatures.

Animal Remover handles Dayton bat removal services and all wildlife control with passion, professionalism, and years of experience.

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We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients with quick and effective solutions for all sorts of animal control issues. We can safely eliminate bats inside your space. So, call us today and let us help with your bat problem.

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Bat Control Matters in Dayton Ohio

The little brown bat species can be found all across North America and has large ears and shiny brown fur. These creatures may be eerie but they typically are not aggressive. They are also a protected species and require gentle care. In fact, it is illegal to kill bats.

Bats are a notorious wildlife problem as they love to roost in chimneys, attics, and basements. In the process, they can destroy insulation, and bat urine and bat guano can corrode surfaces. They also bring with them health concerns and the spread of bat bugs.

Because of the health dangers and their protected status, it’s important to quickly get the help of a professional pest control company. Our team is ready and waiting to help you remove bats and get your space back.

Don’t delay dealing with a bat infestation as the issues can stack up quickly. Some of the common problems include:

Structural damage

Rabies and Lyme disease

Bat Bugs


Bat Exclusion With Animal Remover

Our professionals will get to work quickly to get rid of bats at your home or business. When removing bats, our team first creates a plan to ensure the safety of both the bats and the people involved. None of our methods will harm he bats.

We use exclusion methods to remove the bats from the property. Exclusion is simply a fancy word that refers to the use of specialized one-way devices that allow the bats to exit your space, but not re-enter.

Once all of the bats have been removed, we then clean up any guano or other waste products left behind by the bats. This includes deodorizing the area to remove any lingering smell. Our skilled team will also help repair damages as well as complete additional bat-proofing.

Professional Bat Removal Services In Dayton OH

If you’ve discovered a bat infestation on your property, don’t delay! Bats carry dangerous diseases, so it’s imperative to act quickly to protect your family or employees.

Contact our technicians today for quick and effective bat removal services in Dayton OH.