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Hamilton Raccoon Removal Services

We also provide both residential and commercial services across Butler County Ohio. No matter the situation, Animal Remover has the expertise to solve your problem and help you get your life back to normal.


Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are a common animal control problem that homeowners in suburban areas end up dealing with.

Because they are so clever, Raccoons can wreak havoc on your property and home. They go through your garbage, spilling it all over your yard or street. They create holes in your siding as they search for insects.

If you’re looking for Hamilton raccoon removal services, then Animal Remover has the solution. We can trap and remove the animals and help you repair the damage they left behind. Call today to set up your appointment.

Animal Remover—Your Animal Control Solution

Our Animal Remover staff is fully licensed personnel who have experience with animal control. In addition to removing the animals, Animal Remover also has services such as

Property inspection

Prevention services

Animal removal/dead animal removal

Animal damage repair

and more!

Nuisance Raccoon Control in Hamilton Ohio

Raccoons can pose a huge problem for homeowners. In search of food sources, they raid pet food and can create holes, pull off shingles and fascia boards, and scatter your garbage cans.

A mother raccoon will look for dry spaces to build nests for young raccoons, then become territorial and feel threatened when approached. This poses a threat to pets and children.

Whether it’s from dead raccoons stuck in your attic, or raccoon feces in your basement, raccoons can leave behind remnants that lead to diseases such as raccoon roundworm or rabies.

Because of the potential dangers that raccoons pose, dealing with them on your own is a bad idea.


How Animal Remover Can Help with Raccoon Removal

The first thing Animal Remover will do is perform an inspection of your property. Raccoons tend to seek shelter in the attic, basement, garage, outbuilding, or any enclosed area of your house.

Raccoons nest in these places, so we will be looking for things like

  • Raccoon droppings
  • Raccoon damage
  • Indications of young kits

Once we have identified entry points such as small holes or open vents, we will begin to remove raccoons through live trapping methods such as settings species targeted bait traps and weighted traps.

This ensures we catch the right critter and don’t endanger local domesticated animals or other local wildlife. We then turn to animal damage repair, cleanup, and prevention to ensure you can return to life as normal.

Preventing Pest Wildlife

Though our removal methods get rid of raccoons, we also want to prevent raccoons and other animals from returning.

Raccoons are excellent climbers, and they don’t just climb trees. So we install vent guards and chimney caps to ensure more raccoons don’t enter your property from above or below.

In addition to physical guards, we also recommend and can help install raccoon repellent. These can be as simple as household items such as cayenne pepper, chili powder, and Epsom salt or animal control items like predator urine.

Bright lights and loud noises also naturally deter raccoons.


Raccoon Removal Services in Hamilton OH

Whatever pests you’re dealing with, let us deal with their removal from your property. Reach out today to set up your appointment for racoon removal services in Hamilton OH.