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Harrison Bat Removal Services

We don’t just eliminate bats inside your dwelling. We also fortify possible bat entry points and help you prevent health problems that result from bat guano.


Bat Removal Services

You need to get control of the wildlife on your property, but the bat removal process isn’t an easy one.

Especially since you don’t have the right tools on hand for removing these nuisance animals.

Skip the hassle and let our team of experts solve your wildlife problem with Harrison bat removal services.

Expert Solutions for Bat Infestation

As a fully licensed team of professionals, Animal Remover always follows State regulations.

When you contact us, your bat problem is as good as solved. So, contact us today to remove bats from your Harrison County Ohio property.

Our bat control is a part of our overall wildlife control/animal removal services. We provide businesses and individual homes with the following:

Complete removal

Thorough clean-up

Bat-proofing solutions

Why You Should Consider Bat Removal

Many consider little brown bats to be cute, others find them terrifying. Regardless of their non-aggressive manner, they can be quite dangerous if they move in too close to your residence or business.

There are a few reasons why bats can be considered a nuisance animals. First, they often roost in large numbers, which can lead to expensive structural damage as they cling to buildings and eaves and their bat guano accumulates.

Second, bat droppings can carry diseases like histoplasmosis and rabies. This can be fatal for both humans and pets. Lastly, they are known carriers of bat bugs, which can infest human dwellings.

While it is illegal to kill bats in our states, it is important to be aware of the dangers they bring and take steps to prevent them from becoming a nuisance. Our experienced professionals are here to help with safe and effective methods of removal.

Health risks

Expensive repairs

Bat bug dangers

Bat Exclusion in Harrison Ohio

Our humane bat removal techniques follow all regulations set in place to help protect the protected species. We use bat exclusion techniques that get rid of bats without harming them.

Our first step is to identify all of the potential entry points that bats are using to access your property. These entry points are then sealed off so that the bats can no longer enter. Then we install exclusion device that allow them to exit but not come back in.

Once the bats leave for their evening meal, they will have to find a new place to setup their roost.


Getting Rid of Bat Guano

Part of our restoration process includes cleaning up bat feces. Bats fly into your house, set up shop, and poop all over the place. This wildlife problem comes with a lot of health risks and a terrible smell.

Thankfully, our pest control company is well equipped to handle this issue. We ensure a thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized space.

Bat Damage Repairs

Now that the bats are of the way, it’s time for restoration work. If damage has occurred, Animal Remover will take care of the repairs.

We will work to restore your attic or other space to pristine condition. This includes replacing boards, damaged wiring, soiled insulation, and more. We also ensure that every entry point is completely sealed up.


Bat Removal Services in Harrison OH

Get rid of bats with our professional bat control methods. Our bat removal services in Harrison OH are affordable, effective, and available to everyone across the region.

To schedule your service or ask about our bat removal process, please call our team right away.