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Raccoon Removal Services

You come out of your house to take the garbage cans to the curb–but you’ve found them tipped over and your trash scattered everywhere. Raccoons have invaded.

Raccoons, while adorable, are clever nuisance animals. They get into your house, damage your walls and roofs, and carry diseases that can endanger your family.

If you’ve got a raccoon problem, then we have the solution. Call today for Harrison raccoon removal services from Animal Remover.

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Animal Remover is a full-service wildlife control service that serves the Hamilton County Ohio area. Our fully licensed personnel have the expertise you need to tackle the problem with animal pest control.

Dealing with Raccoon Control in Harrison Ohio

Raccoons are a hazard and should be removed because they pose a danger to both your property and your family. They find their way close to your home in search of food sources like pet food, bird feeders, and of course your trash cans.

To get inside, they rip off shingles, pull open fascia boards, or use small holes to enter.

When the mother raccoons build nests to birth young raccoons, they tend to get territorial. When they feel threatened, they can attack pets or young children.

Raccoons carry diseases such as raccoon roundworm and rabies. Raccoon droppings and dead raccoons both pose a risk of transmittal.

This is why handling raccoon trapping on your own is a bad idea. Instead, trust the experts at Animal Remover to get rid of raccoons on your property.

Raccoons nest in dry spaces, such as your






Our Raccoon Removal and Cleanup Process

Our method for raccoon control begins with a raccoon inspection. We look for evidence such as raccoon feces or raccoon poop. We also look for evidence of young kits or raccoon damage.

When we have identified the entry points, we look for ways to close them off. Installing vent guards and chimney caps is an excellent way to prevent raccoons from getting in.

If we find evidence of raccoons, we then initiate our removal methods. We use live trapping, including bait traps that use species-targeted bait. This helps prevent other animals from getting trapped.

Preventing New Invasions

Once we remove raccoons from your property, we then work to prevent more raccoons from returning. Raccoon repellents can be placed or installed. These can be as simple as common spices like chili powder and cayenne pepper.

Raccoons are excellent climbers, and they don’t just climb trees. That’s why we also provide prevention installations like chimney caps, vent guards, and more. Even installing bright lights and alarms can help prevent them from returning.

Our goal is to keep your business or home pest free.


Raccoon Removal Services in Harrison OH

Whether the raccoons are just getting into your garbage or invading your home or business, let Animal Remover come to your rescue. Our raccoon removal services in Harrison OH can help you solve your problem before it escalates.

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