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Indian Hill Bat Removal Services

Removing bats in Hamilton County Ohio requires special expertise. Animal Remover’s fully licensed bat control specialists know how to remove bats from your residence or commercial business safely.


Bat Removal Services

Have you noticed bats gathering in your chimney, attic, or barn?

You may face serious health problems if exposed to bat feces and the diseases it carries.

When you need Indian Hill bat removal services, call the experts – Animal Removers.

Bat Removal That You Can Rely On

Our years of experience are precisely what you need to get rid of your bat problem and regain ownership of your space.

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Clean-up and repairs

The Dangers Of a Bat Infestation

When you have a growing number of bats living in your attic or other enclosed space, you’ll have a number of concerns. They leave large amounts of bat guano along with costly structural damages.

The biggest concern is the fact that bats carry multiple health hazards including bacterial diseases and parasites. Dry bat droppings often contains a fungal disease called Histoplasmosis. If this gets into your lungs, this could cause long-term respiratory problems.

You’ve likely heard of bed bugs. Bats tend to bring along a similar pest called bat bugs. These can also invade your home and be difficult to get rid of. All of these are great reasons to quickly eliminate bats inside or in close proximity to your home or business.

Bat Exclusion in Indian Hill Ohio

Due to population decline, bats are a federally protected species. This makes removal methods even more complicated as it’s illegal to kill bats. Our pest control company handles all jobs with humane bat removal techniques designed to protect the animals.

Our wildlife control technicians will take the following steps for bat exclusion. First, determine where the bat entry points are located. Next, create a one-way exit by adding a professional bat exclusion device.

Finally, once the bats have left, seal all entry points. Since bats can squeeze through a 1/4” opening, our wildlife specialists will be thorough in their inspection process to find and take care of all potential entry points.


The Cleanup of Bat Guano

Clean-up is critical as animal waste can still be hazardous as well as attract other wild animals.

Ingesting dust from bat feces is dangerous to your lungs, so great care is taken during this sanitation process. Our technicians wear certified equipment to remove bat guano carefully. They will also sanitize and deodorize.


During the clean-up process, our wildlife technicians may need to remove insulation if it’s been soiled with urine or feces or if it’s been compressed. We will replace the insulation along with any other structural repairs that are needed to restore your space to normal.


Bat Removal Services in Indian Hill OH

Bats can harm both humans and pets, and you don’t want to take any risks. Call today to resolve your bat problem quickly!

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