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Kettering Bat Removal Services

We realize that dealing with wildlife is tricky, with bat control being the most challenging. Get real solutions from one of the most efficient bat control teams in Montgomery County Ohio. Our purpose is to solve any wildlife problem for our community.


Bat Removal Services

Do you have the sneaky suspicion that you have bats roosting in your attic or basement?

You may have found a bat or are being kept up at night by squeaking noises. No one wants bats living in their space!

Animal Remover is here to assist with Kettering bat removal services and will do so with friendly, professional service.

Your Local Solution For Bat Infestation

Our services are designed for both residential and commercial jobs. No matter where the bat colony has taken up residence, we are here to serve them an eviction notice. So, call us today. Here’s what you can expect:

Highly trained technicians

Efficient solutions

Fully licensed company

Why Bat Exclusion Is Important in Kettering Ohio

The bat species most common in Ohio is the little brown bat. While bats serve us by eating mosquitos, they become nuisance animals when they choose to closely share our space.

Bats tend to destroy insulation, corrode certain surfaces, and carry dangerous diseases. For these health problems alone, it’s important to eliminate bats inside. Many of the problems are from the buildup of bat droppings that harbor disease.

As an endangered species, there are regulations related to bat removal in Ohio. Safe removal methods must be used as it is illegal to kill bats. You need the expertise of an experienced pest control company like Animal Remover.

Bats carry rabies and Lyme disease but this is just one reason to remove bats. Other issues include:

Dangers of bat bugs

Damage to structures

Health concerns


The Bat Removal Process

Our experts act quickly to take care of your problem with bats. The bat removal and exclusion process starts by creating a plan. Our plan will include professional removal methods that cause no harm to the animal.

We first identify all of the entry and exit points bats are using and then we close them off completely. Then, we install special bat exclusion devices that will allow the bats to exit only. These methods are required to meet removal regulations.

Once the bats are excluded, we clean up any bat guano or other droppings that are left behind. We also deodorize the area to get rid of any unwanted smells. Finally, we repair any damage caused by the bats and help with additional bat proofing methods to ensure they do not return.

Bat Removal Services in Kettering OH

If you have a bat problem, please contact our professional team for expert bat removal services in Kettering OH.

We will get rid of bats that become a nuisance to you, your family, your home, or your business. We will also help with bat prevention to ensure that your home remains safe and pest-free.