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Loveland Bat Removal Services

Our bat control professionals are fully licensed experts that have dealt with everything from bats to raccoons to squirrels and other animals. We get rid of wildlife that you don’t want on our property, so they can’t cause further damage.


Bat Removal Services

Bats in your attic, walls, or chimney can wreak havoc on your home and your peace of mind.

From the noise and smell to the potential health problems, bats have many issues you’ll want to solve.

If you’re looking for Loveland bat removal services, Animal Remover has the expertise you need.

Let Us Resolve Your Bat Infestation

Our wildlife control experts use a safe professional bat exclusion process to help eliminate bats inside of your property. Our process is suitable for both residential and commercial properties throughout Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren County Ohio.

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The Importance of Bat Removal

Little brown bats are a common bat species in Ohio. For many, they evoke images of horror films and vampires. The really scary thing is the fact that they often bring with them fatal diseases and another very real horror, invasive bat bugs.

Bats can gain entry into your home through small cracks in your walls or along your roofline. They also can inhabit basements, attics, chimneys, or even your walls.

While there, bats can create havoc by making noise, creating a foul odor, and leaving behind bat droppings that spread disease. Infants and those with compromised immune systems can be particularly vulnerable to the diseases left behind.

Bat Exclusion in Loveland Ohio

Bats are a Federally protected species. Local and state regulations dictate details of the bat removal process. It is illegal to harm or kill bats. Therefore, calling an expert pest control company can help. We get rid of the bats, but we do so with these regulations in mind.

Our exclusion process first identifies areas of bat entry. Then we block many of those areas and create an exclusion site. The professional bat exclusion device involves tubing or netting that allows bats to fly out but prevents them from flying back in.


Bat Guano Removal

You can rest easy knowing that our experienced team will handle everything to completely remove bats and all signs of these animals.

We’ll take care of the entire mess, particularly the dangerous bat guano, and leave your home or business smelling fresh and clean again.

Final Repairs

Once the wildlife removal is complete, we can help mitigate the damage from bat guano on your insulation and walls through our repair services.

We offer insulation removal and repair, replace damaged surfaces, as well as ensure every entry point is fully sealed to prevent bats from coming back.


Bat Removal Services in Loveland OH

If you suspect bats have invaded your property, then don’t hesitate. Reach out today so our wildlife control experts can solve your bat problem get your life back to normal.

Fill out our online form or call today to set up bat removal services in Loveland OH.