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Loveland Raccoon Removal Services

You can get both residential and commercial services at an affordable price. Contact us as soon as possible to prevent raccoons from causing more damage than just tearing open your garbage cans!


Raccoon Removal Services

When a mother raccoon and her gang of young raccoons move in, it means trouble for you.

You need them gone before they tear up your belongings, eat your pet food, and leave raccoon feces all over, but it’s expensive!

Get fast and affordable Loveland raccoon removal services from our experienced pest control team.

Your Loveland Raccoon Control Company

As a fully licensed company in Hamilton, Claremont, and Warner County Ohio, we are always careful to remove raccoons in a manner that matches State and County guidelines. Our team of experts has dealt with female raccoons with babies (one of the most common raccoon Intruders), rabid raccoons, and problems that occur where the raccoons nest, etc.

Raccoon Service in Loveland Ohio

Whether you live in urban areas or more remote areas in Loveland, you aren’t immune to these bandit intruders.

Raccoons often carry canine distemper and other diseases. One of the most common concerns about having raccoons around is that they can carry rabies.

You should also be worried about cleanliness and getting a good night’s rest. Raccoons are dirty and will often claw, chatter, and run around all night long.

Before you go crazy, let us remind you that there’s an easy solution.

Since raccoons have so many possibilities for disease, it’s important to get a professional Animal control service to get rid of raccoons for you. Here are some of our services:

Raccoon damage restoration

Lethal traps and live trapping

Raccoon prevention services


Removal & Cleanup Process

The first step in eliminating your raccoon problem is the removal and clean-up process.

Unlike some companies in the area, Animal Remover does more than handle raccoon trapping and euthanasia. We also get rid of raccoon droppings

Raccoon poop often contains raccoon roundworm, which is a parasite that can infect humans. You can remove this serious health risk and the raccoon damage that has caused to your structure with the help of our experts.

Prevention Methods

Raccoon repellents that you can use by yourself include peppermint essential oil, coffee grounds, and store-bought repellents.

After the initial removal, we can help you fortify your home or business against future raccoon attacks. This is accomplished by closing entryways and eliminating outside food sources near the building. For example, putting locks on your trash cans.

These are only a few of the methods that we employ. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions before scheduling your service.


Raccoon Removal Services In Loveland OH

Are you ready to get rid of your raccoon issues for good? Then it’s time to bring in the professionals and say goodbye to these furry menaces.

Schedule your raccoon removal services in Loveland OH today!