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Raccoon Removal Services

Do you have the sneaking suspicion that a little bandit is watching you?

Dealing with a raccoon problem is not something to face alone.

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Raccoon Control in Mason Ohio

While raccoons may be cute to look at, they are fast and, if left to their own devices, will take over your property. They are excellent climbers who chew their way through your fascia boards, walls and doors to find entry points to your attic, basement or other structure.

Raccoons tend to cause significant damage as they search for food or shelter. Often a mother raccoon will nest in these spaces to birth and raise young raccoons. They will toss your garbage cans, raid a bird feeder, and invade any source of pet food.

Aside from the risk of direct injury, raccoon poop poses one of the greatest hazards. These creatures can carry canine distemper as well as rabies. These and other diseases can be easily transferred through their droppings.

You must remove raccoons from your property as they are nuisance animals that can cause damage and bring disease into your home.

It is considered a real challenge to get rid of raccoons. They will often become aggressive if they feel threatened. Here are some of the reasons why they should be removed. These furry bandits can:

Carry rabies

Transmit raccoon roundworm

Cause severe injuries

Defecate in your attic

Damage your insulation

Attack your pets


The Raccoon Pest Control Process

Our animal removal methods include:

  • Thorough raccoon inspection
  • Raccoon trapping
  • Removing raccoon feces
  • Repairing raccoon damage

Our team will start the wildlife removal process with a thorough assessment. Once the work has been agreed upon, we will set a live trap to contain the creature.

We will then remove the animal, but we don’t just leave you with the mess. Our team will continue by removing raccoon droppings as well as deodorizing your space. Then we complete any minor structural repairs that are needed.

Preventing More Raccoons

After the removal process has been completed, our expert team will assist you in preventing the pests from returning. Our repair work will include sealing up any small holes that are present to prevent future entry.

The first and most important step after that is to secure or eliminate the food sources that the critters are attracted to. These include bird feeders, trash cans, or trash bags as well as open pet food.

Some potential natural raccoon repellents include spicy pepppers which can be scattered in the form of powdered cayenne pepper. Installing a motion activated sprinkler can also be effective to prevent raccoons living on your property.


Raccoon Removal Services in Mason OH

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Don’t delay as these creatures can quickly cause you expensive repairs.