Middletown Bat Removal Services

Protecting your Butler or Warren County Ohio home, your family or your business is our priority. we will remove bats as well as get your property back to the way it was.


Bat Removal Services

When you discover bats in your attic, it can be challenging to know what to do.

Bats come with a host of problems, the most serious being the possibility of spreading disease and causing health problems.

If you’re looking for Middletown bat removal services, Animal Remover has the experts and experience you need to handle the problem.

Resolve Your Bat Infestation With Our Help

Our fully licensed professionals are on hand to assess and handle your wildlife control needs. Regardless of the nature of your wildlife problem, our removal services help you gain back control back. We offer.

Expert bat exclusion

Damage repair services

Cleaning and sanitation

An Essential Service: Bat Removal

Aside from the fear factor of bats flying around, they actually are dangerous. Bats cause noise, smell, and health problems. The bat guano or bat feces they leave behind often carry disease as well as harmful bacteria.

Ever heard of bat bugs? These are closely related to bed bugs and are just as invasive. The presence of bats close to your dwelling or business is an invitation to these pests as well.

You can identify bat presence on your property with these signs: the sound of scratching and squeaking in your walls, basement, or attic; a strong smell like ammonia from bat urine; grease marks on walls; and black pellets or bat droppings.

Our expert pest control company is here to help eliminate bats inside your space as quickly as possible.

Bat Exclusion in Middletown Ohio

Professional bat removal services are essential to handle this type of wildlife control because there are many state and local regulations about the treatment of bats. It is illegal to kill bats since they are a protected species. So, let us handle your bat control the right way.

The bat removal process at Animal Remover involves a legal and humane bat removal technique. First, we identify bat entry points around your property. There are multiple potential entry points, from chimneys to small cracks, and bats can nest in your attic, basement, walls, or chimney.

Our professional bat exclusion device involves setting up a system of tubes and netting at one point and blocking the other entry points. The bats can fly out of the area but cannot fly back in.


Cleaning Bat Guano

It’s important to also get rid of the guano that bats leave behind. Not only is it incredibly smelly, but it’s also dangerous. That’s why our cleanup service is essential.

We will come in and quickly and effectively remove all the guano, as well as deodorize and sanitize the area. You can rest easy knowing that your space is clean and safe again.

Repair Completion

Once we have taken care of animal removal, we will help you with any corresponding restoration project. From damaged insulation to wooden beams and other surfaces, we will take care of it.

Of course, as part of our repair and bat-proofing, we ensure that any points of entry are completely closed off to prevent bats from returning.


Bat Removal Services in Middletown OH

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a bat problem or other wildlife on your property? Call today or fill out our online form.

We can help solve your problems with bat removal services in Middletown OH and return your peace of mind.