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Middletown Raccoon Removal Services

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Raccoon Removal Services

Are raccoons making their way onto your residential or commercial property?

Is the threat of them approaching you, your family, employees or your pet becoming a little too real?

An experienced wildlife removal team is what you need. Our team is ready to handle your wildlife issues day or night with Middletown raccoon removal services.

Your Expert Answer For Animal Removal

We are available to work on commercial and residential properties in both urban and suburban areas. There are quite a few benefits to hiring our animal removal services for your raccoon problem.

So, stop fearing those threats of raccoon damage and injury and give us a call today.

We are:

Fully licensed

Available 24/7

Committed to wildlife control

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Why You Need Raccoon Control In Middletown Ohio

Raccoons tend to invade your property to access food or shelter and will destroy parts of your property in their quest. They invade your garbage cans, bird feeder, and any easily accessible pet food.

Raccoons are excellent climbers and will find their way into your attic, basement, and home by any means necessary. Sometimes they find entry points through small holes or open vents. They are also known to chew through walls and tear through fascia boards.

Many times mother raccoons nest in these spaces to raise her young raccoons. Then you have a whole herd leaving damage as well as raccoon feces and urine. Female raccoons can also easily become aggressive if they feel threatened by someone too close to their young.

Raccoon droppings come with more than just a terrible smell. Raccoons carry canine distemper, rabies, raccoon roundworm and a host of other health dangers. Many of these dangers can be transferred through close contact with raccoon poop.

Removing raccoons from your commercial or residential property must be prioritized to preserve your health, safety, and property.


Our Effective Removal Processs

Raccoon trapping and removal is no easy feat. It’s much safer to get rid of raccoons by calling an experienced professional.

We feel that fully assessing your situation is one of the critical steps to ensure the right plan is put in place to catch and remove these problem raccoons. Once the assessment and scope of work have been finalized, the trapping and removal of the animal will begin.

Our removal methods typically involve the use of a live trap. We avoid lethal traps if at all possible. Once we remove raccoons, our team will also clean up, deodorize and sanitize the area. Then we help with repairing structural damage caused by the animals.

Don't Attract More Raccoons

Preventing raccoons from returning is an integral part of this animal control process. The most important thing to do is eliminate food sources. It’s imperative to remove access to bird feeders, trash cans, trash bags, and lock up any pet food.

During our repair process, we will also help to inspect and close off any points of entry to enclosed spaces on your property. This will make it harder for these and other animals to move in.

Some methods that you can employ include spreading powdered cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, or garlic as these are natural raccoon repellents. Motion activated sprinkler systems are also helpful to keep them away.


Raccoon Removal Services in Middletown OH

For the best Raccoon Removal services in Middletown OH, call us today to schedule an assessment.