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Monroe Raccoon Removal Services

These pesky critters can cause much damage to your property. Unfortunately, they also carry health risks.


Raccoon Removal Services

They may look cute, but no one wants a family of raccoons making a home in their attic.

These nuisance animals are known for destroying your house when scavenging for food. You may also have female raccoons seeking shelter to raise young raccoons.

Call Animal Remover for Monroe raccoon removal services when you need quick action!

Raccoon Control

Animal Remover provides professional animal pest control services in east central Butler and west central Warren county Ohio. Our wildlife control specialists are fully licensed and experienced in safely removing raccoons from your residential or commercial property.

Raccoon Problem in Monroe Ohio

Raccoons can:

Raccoons are nocturnal, overly curious, and dexterous. They will rummage through your garbage cans. They’ll eat your pet food or raid bird feeders. They’ll climb into your attic or other dry spaces. Raccoons will also chew through things like insulation.

Besides the damage they cause, raccoons are also a health risk to you and your family. If a raccoon bites you, you must be tested for Rabies.

Another health risk is raccoon poop which can be toxic. Raccoon roundworm and canine distemper can be transmitted to humans. It’s important not to touch raccoon feces or breathe in dust. Instead, arrange for our wildlife specialists to remove this for you.

Destroy property

Bite or scratch people

Transmit diseases and parasites


Get Rid of Raccoons

When you book our services, our technicians will first inspect your property. They’ll look for raccoon damage. They’ll also determine how many raccoons are hiding on the premises.

Raccoon trapping will then take place. Next, our technicians will remove raccoons. Finally, they will clean, deodorize, and disinfect your attic and any other areas the raccoons occupied.

Any damages will then be repaired. This includes replacing your insulation if it’s been soiled or compressed. All entry points will be sealed. This will deter raccoons and other animals from entering your house or business.

Prevent Raccoon Problems in the Future

Wildlife removal and clean-up will resolve your immediate issues. However, you can take additional steps to prevent wildlife from returning.

Eliminate food sources or properly secure the containers. Trash cans should have proper lids that cannot be jiggled loose. Animal-proofing will discourage raccoons from hanging around.

If you don’t have pets, then you may want to purchase sonic deterrent devices. These devices will make a high-pitched noise you can’t hear, but they will scare away wild animals.

A motion-activated sprinkler may also discourage raccoons from rummaging around your property. The main goal is to use natural raccoon repellents that will make raccoons uncomfortable, so they’ll leave your property.


Raccoon Removal Services in Monroe OH

Don’t delay – when you need raccoon removal services in Monroe OH, call Animal Remover at (877) 324-WILD to schedule a visit. Emergency services are also available. Your family will thank you!