Norwood Bat Removal Services

Our technicians are highly trained to safely remove various pest animals from any residence or commercial business in Hamilton County Ohio. So, let us solve your bat problem today.


Bat Removal Services

At dusk or during the evening, you may notice bats leaving your attic or barn in search of food.

A bat colony can grow, and with more bats, there will be more damage to your attic or other building structure.

When you need to get rid of bats, you need professional Norwood bat removal services – call Animal Remover!

Your Local Answer For Bat Infestations

Bats are a protected species with special regulations surrounding their removal.

For this reason, you need a bat control company that knows what they’re doing. Our fully licensed and qualified technicians are equipped to handle any size job.

Safe removal

Thorough clean up

Professional prevention

Health Risks That Come With Bat Infestation

Numerous health risks come along with the close presence of bat colonies on your property.

Bats are known carriers of the rabies virus. Rabies is a deadly disease that attacks the nervous system. It is easily transmitted through their saliva and can be fatal. Bats are not the only animals that carry rabies, but they are the most common carrier in the US.

Histoplasmosis is another serious health risk that can be contracted from bats. The disease is caused by a fungus that can cause severe respiratory problems. This can also be fatal.

These are the most common but these creatures can also transmit: West Nile virus, Nipah virus, salmonellosis, yersiniosis, and parasites such as bat bugs. Due to their dangers and their protected status, it’s important to call in a pest control company.

Bat Exclusion in Norwood Ohio

Animal Remover’s wildlife specialists employ a bat exclusion process to get rid of your bats. This involves a thorough inspection to locate all potential entry points that they use.

Our technicians will then set up nets, meshing, downward-facing caulking or PVC tubes, depending on each entry. These one-way exits will allow bats to leave the building but cannot return.

Because they are a protected species, so we must be careful not to kill bats. Exclusion is a humane bat removal technique that does them no harm.


Bat Guano Removal

When dry bat droppings are moved, the dust can be inhaled and still transmit harmful diseases. Safety equipment must be worn to dispose of bat guano properly.

As part of our removal services, we also handle the removal of this harmful bat guano and bat urine. Our team will clean the area, sanitize it, as well as deodorize it.


Repairs will also be needed for any damages the bats may have caused during their unwelcome stay.

This would include the replacement of insulation if it was compressed or soiled. They may have also scratched up various surfaces or enlarged existing holes. Whatever the damage, our team will restore your space back to normal.


Bat Removal Services in Norwood OH

When you need someone to eliminate bats inside your home or business, call Animal Remover for complete removal and repair solutions.

Our bat removal services in Norwood OH will get remove bats and clean and restore your space.