Norwood Raccoon Removal Services

Our full-service solutions are available for both residential and commercial properties across the County. So, protect your structure, inhabitants, and of course those garbage cans by calling our team.


Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons have finally succeeded in getting into your building.

Now you have to worry about disease hazards, structural damage, and the risk of injury.

Get rid of raccoons quickly with our efficient Norwood raccoon removal services.

Your Norwood Raccoon Control Solution

You need fully licensed professionals to properly remove raccoons from your Hamilton County Ohio property. Our team can handle any wild animal challenge, including your raccoon problem.

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The Necessity of Raccoon Control in Norwood Ohio

Raccoons nest in hard-to-reach places, so having an affordable, professional option is vital to remove them. These critters are looking for easy food sources such as open pet food, bird feeders, and the most common, trash cans.

The most expensive raccoon damage typically occurs when they break into your structure destroying fascia boards, pushing through open vents, and tearing through small holes. Raccoon feces builds up leaving a terrible smell, along with health concerns.

When a mother raccoon moves in with her young raccoons, she can easily feel threatened and lash out if approached. Beyond the initial injury concern, raccoons carry rabies, raccoon roundworm, and canine distemper, which they can transmit both to humans and pets.

Eliminate all of these problems by scheduling our complete raccoon trapping and clean-up services.


Removal & Cleanup Process

Get rid of the animal along with raccoon droppings and damage left by your uninvited guests.

Our team will quickly locate the nuisance animals and remove them from your property with live trapping removal methods. We avoid lethal traps whenever possible.

Since raccoon poop is toxic and laden with parasites, it’s always best to let our professionals also do the cleanup work. Our team follows the strictest safety measures and never leaves until every bit is cleaned up.

Afterward, we help you repair any damages left by the raccoons such as torn-up shingles, bent vents, scratch marks, etc.

No More Raccoons In Your Space

After the wildlife removal process is complete, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure raccoons never gain entrance to your house or business again.

As part of our repair process, we’ll point out and fix any weak spots where the raccoons could find an easy entry points. Raccoons tend to follow the food, so it’s also necessary to eliminate food sources such as accessible trash bags, a bird feeder, and pet food.

You can also supplement those efforts with natural raccoon repellents such as garlic, coffee grounds, peppermint essential oils, and powdered cayenne pepper.


Raccoon Removal Services In Norwood OH

Now that you know how our raccoon removal services in Norwood OH can help you, it’s time to take action. Remember, just because you don’t see the raccoons around during the day doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They’ll come back at night and continue to wreak havoc.

So, call our local team today to schedule the services you need.