Trotwood Bat Removal Services

Get the job done right with the help of our animal removal specialists. We know how to deal with any animal removal challenge, especially bats. Here’s what you can expect when you work with our technicians.


Bat Removal Services

Bats are messy and destructive, cause health problems and leave their guano in the most difficult-to-reach spots.

The last thing you or a family member want to do is assess your attic, basement, or chimney for bats. Bat control and bat exclusion are the most challenging for these and many other reasons.

Animal Remover has the best team to handle your Trotwood bat removal services.

The Bat Removal Team That You Need

Through years of experience, our company has earned community respect throughout Montgomery County Ohio. If you have a bat problem on your residential or commercial property, then we can solve it.

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The Dangers of A Bat Infestation in Trotwood Ohio

The little brown bat species has large ears and shiny brown fur, which are common in North America. They are widely misunderstood to be aggressive but are typically fairly mild-mannered. However, when they live too close, they bring with them many dangers.

These critters can become comfortable and form colonies to roost in spaces like your home or workplace. Accumulation of their bat droppings (bat guano) can result in significant health problems for humans as they breathe in fungal spores. Also, bats carry rabies and Lyme disease.

Bat populations are in decline, so they are now a protected species. It is illegal to kill bats in Ohio. Therefore, you need to call in a pest control company that knows how to safely get rid of bats on your property. Our team is here to help.

These are only a few of the concerns that follow these colonies. Other common issues include:

Spread of bat bugs

Costly structural damage

Health risks


The Bat Exclusion and Bat Control Process

First, our bat control team will create a customized plan. We will thoroughly inspect the problem area to find the best solutions for your bat problem.

It’s important to identify all the entrances bats are using to get into the building and fully seal them off. Next, we install bat exclusion devices to allow the bats to leave but not re-enter your space. Once all of the bats have exited, we can move on to restoring your space.

Third, we clean up the guano mess, deodorize the area, and repair any additional damage caused by the bats. Our technicians can also help to set up additional bat-proofing methods, including a bat house to provide an alternative space for the creatures.

It’s Time For Bat Removal Services in Trotwood OH

One bat will quickly lead to an entire colony. So, you should act quickly to eliminate bats inside your property.

Our team is experienced and equipped to help you with safe and effective bat removal services in Trotwood OH.