West Chester Bat Removal Services

Our bat control experts will get rid of the animals and put in measures to prevent their return. We can also help you repair the damage left behind.


Bat Removal Services

Are you experiencing a bat infestation? Bat infestation is a stressful experience.

The presence of bats on your property can come with many problems: flying around the house at night, scaring your family, damaging your home, and leaving behind bat droppings.

Our West Chester bat removal services can help you manage the problem and return your life to normal.

Don't Deal With A Bat Infestation Alone

Our wildlife experts have the expertise you need to solve wildlife problems of any kind throughout Butler County Ohio. We take on smaller residential jobs as well as large commercial jobs. Speak with our fully licensed professionals today to help you

Get rid of bats

Clean up their mess

Restore your space

Why Bat Removal is Important

A bat infestation is a problem to be taken seriously. Bats often nest in areas like your home’s attic, chimney, or walls. They enter through locations like small cracks or fly into your basement. Once there, they can have babies, and soon you have a whole colony!

Bats in your attic can drive you crazy because they create noise and leave behind a horrible smell and disease-ridden guano. Bat feces is known to carry fatal diseases like rabies as well as histoplasmosis. They can also cause expensive damage to the structure where they move in.

You can recognize a bat issue by noticing the bat entering and leaving around dusk and dawn, the sound of scratching and squeaking in your walls or attic, and a pervasive foul odor like ammonia from the bat urine. You may even begin to see signs of an invasion of bat bugs.

If you have any or all of these signs, call Animal Remover today to speak with our professionals and set up an appointment to eliminate bats inside your home.

Bat Exclusion in West Chester Ohio

Our animal control service involves a bat removal exclusion process. This is important because many states and territories have laws protecting bat species—to injure or kill bats is prohibited. Hiring a professional pest control company is essential to safely remove bats.

An exclusion system can involve tubes or netting and allows bats to leave your wall or attic but prevents them from getting back in. This way, when bats go for the nightly hunt, they must find a new place to nest.


Removing Bat Guano

Bat guano is dangerous to handle since they carry so many diseases. As part of our services, we will clean the mess, deodorize the area, and sanitize it to prevent any further problems.

We will get your home or business back to the safe and clean environment it once was.


Once the bats have been removed, Animal Remover can then assess the damage. We provide insulation removal and replacement, as well as disinfection and deodorization services to help restore your property after the animals are gone.

We can also help with additional bat proofing methods.


Bat Removal Services in West Chester OH

If you suspect a bat problem on your property, then don’t wait to take action.

Call today to set up your bat removal services in West Chester OH.