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West Chester Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons may be aggressive if they feel threatened. Therefore, it takes proper training to remove them safely.


Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are ultimate nuisance animals because they get into everything when scavenging for food sources or a mother raccoon is looking for a place to care for her young raccoons.

They tend to cause significant damage when they find their way into your attic, chimney, storage buildings, or under the deck or porch of your house.

Call Animal Remover when you need professional West Chester raccoon removal services!

Raccoon Control

Our wildlife specialists are fully licensed to do this for you. They have years of experience using effective wildlife removal methods in the Butler County Ohio area.

Raccoons are notorious for opening containers, climbing obstacles, and entering small areas. So, whether you’ve discovered raccoons living at your residence or commercial business, we’re here to help you solve your raccoon problem quickly!

Raccoon Dangers in West Chester Ohio

Rabies, Leptospirosis, canine distemper, and roundworm can be transmitted to you through direct contact or raccoon droppings. So, if you’re scratched or bitten, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital to be seen by a doctor.

Raccoon feces should be handled only by our wildlife specialists as raccoons may carry intestinal parasites. A parasite’s eggs are often found in raccoon poop. You should seek treatment if you’ve accidentally touched raccoon feces or breathed in nearby dust particles.

Raccoons are considered annoying when they move onto your property, but they also pose health risks to you and your family. For example, they may have:

Viral diseases

Bacterial infections

Raccoon Roundworm


Raccoon Extraction Process

Our highly trained technicians will thoroughly inspect where there may be a raccoon presence on your property. We will then start the raccoon trapping process to remove them from your space. Our specialists will then assess what raccoon damage has occurred.

Any areas that were damaged will be repaired. Insulation in your attic will also be replaced if it is soiled or compressed. In addition, all entry points will be sealed to discourage raccoons and other wild animals from entering your attic or other enclosed area.

Animal Remover’s wildlife specialists will also do a thorough deodorization and disinfection. This is very important because any animal waste scents may attract other wild animals in the neighborhood.


For complete animal control services, our wildlife specialists will also take preventative measures after they remove raccoons from your property.

First, we help you to eliminate all food sources. Raccoons will be attracted to trash cans, pet food, and bird feeders. These containers should be animal-proofed if you cannot remove them from their access.

Raccoon repellent will also deter these critters. You can experiment by spraying vinegar or ammonia around entry holes and around your garbage cans. Some people suggest that cayenne pepper, peppermint, or crushed garlic cloves will also work.


Raccoon Removal Services in West Chester OH

Call Animal Remover at (877) 324-WILD when you need reliable raccoon removal services in West Chester OH. Our highly qualified technicians will get rid of raccoons so that you and your family are safe.