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Franklin County Animal Removal Services

Animal Remover is a wildlife management company that is dedicated to providing people in the Franklin County Indiana area with animal control that they can depend on.


Animal Removal Services

You don’t want to have to call wildlife control services to your Franklin County Indiana home, but you are running out of options on your own.

Your traps aren’t working, and you would really prefer a more humane wildlife removal method for your animal problem.

Get Franklin County animal removal services that you can rely on when you schedule with our professional team.

Local Wildlife Control Experts

Whether it’s a nuisance animal that keeps leaving animal waste all over the place or a family of animals, our critter control will take care of your wildlife issues. Our team is fully licensed and ready to help.

Efficient solutions

Fast Service

Humane Methods

Franklin Humane Wildlife Control Services

Animal removal services that are done quickly and correctly? Yes, please!

Wild animals are no longer a problem with our wildlife removal service. You can get both dead animal removal and live wild animal removal when you contact our company. Our animal removal services also come with 24/7 emergency wildlife control services. So don’t hesitate to call.


Remove Bats

Our wildlife removal experts combine quality equipment with years of experience to free your house from shrieks, flapping wings, and other wildlife problems that come with bats.

These creatures pose both a health risk as well as cause damage to your property. We can also perform attic restoration if the bats have left their mark. Schedule our bat removal services today.

Raccoon Removal

Protect your property and your pets by removing raccoons from your house or business facility.

When wild animals like raccoons invade, you need more than just removal. You need wildlife control services that can animal-proof your structure so the animal problem doesn’t occur again. Don’t put up with those sneaky thieves on your property, call our team today.


Get Rid Of Squirrels

Get wildlife control aimed at your not-so-friendly neighborhood squirrels by contacting our wildlife control team.

Our animal removal services will help eliminate health risks, noise, and structural damage caused by squirrels. We can also help complete repairs and animal-proof your property. To protect your wiring, HVAC system, and more, schedule your squirrel removal services.

Wild Animals In Your Attic

Your attic is one of the most common places where wildlife control is needed.

Our animal removal services can remove animals from any area of your structure, but the attic is the most common place for wild animals like raccoons, birds, etc to make their home. Save yourself from the headache of noise and needing attic repair. Schedule your service today.


Your Animal Removal Solution in Franklin County

Are you ready for residential or commercial animal removal in Franklin County that’s fast and easy on your budget? How about humane wildlife removal services that don’t hurt the animal or your home?

If you answered yes, then call today to talk to our team about your wildlife concerns.

Our team is standing by to take your call and provide the appropriate solution for your situation.