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Boone County KY Animal Removal Services

Animal Remover’s fully licensed and insured wildlife specialists are here to fix your animal problem. We serve the Boone County, Kentucky area by providing high-quality wildlife control services to address your animal concerns.


Animal Removal Services

If you have local wildlife issues in Boone County, then call Animal Remover for quick service.

Why? The longer those wild animals are rummaging around in your attic or on your property, the more damage and the more money out of your pocket.

Our qualified technicians are ready and waiting to safely remove wildlife for you. Book your Boone County KY animal removal services today.

Wildlife Removal Services That You Can Depend On

Prevent extensive damage by calling now. Not only will we remove your nuisance animal, but we will repair the damages caused. We’ll animal-proof your property to keep wildlife from returning. We also offer dead animal removal and attic restoration services.

Our services include this and more:

Efficient wildlife removal

Damage repair

Animal proofing

The Most Common Nuisance Animals in Boone County Kentucky

It’s important to remove nuisance animals before they settle in. They can damage your property and spread diseases. Animal Remover can help you with bats, squirrels, raccoons, and other wild animals on your property.

Our Boone County team can handle residential animal removal as well as commercial animal removal. So, let us loose on your nuisance wildlife problem. We’ll help with the whole process from removal to preventing their return.


Animal in The Attic

Avoid costly replacement of your attic insulation.

Wildlife issues arise if a wild animal enters your attic looking for shelter or to make a nest. You need that animal evicted and any damaged insulation replaced. Don’t let that unwelcome visitor increase your heating and cooling bills.

Our wildlife management team will relocate the critter and restore your attic to its original condition – call today!

Wildlife Control – Raccoons

Get these nuisance animals off your property quickly if they’re in your attic or or in your crawl spaces.

When you call us, we will safely trap raccoons and remove them for you. Raccoons may be looking for a secluded place for their young, so you do not want them to increase on your property. They’ll also cause a mess and damage when searching for food sources.

Stop any further damage to your property by calling our animal control team now!


Wildlife Control – Squirrels

You need to fix your squirrel problem immediately, or they could cause a fire hazard.

Among other damages, squirrels tend to gnaw through electrical wires. Since they’re small, they can squeeze through many entry points and wreak havoc on your property. Our team will complete a thorough inspection to removal all critters and clean up after them.

Squirrels should be removed ASAP – call our wildlife experts today!

Wildlife Control – Bats

Bats can roost in large numbers on your property.

They also carry diseases that pose health risks to you and your family or staff. Our highly trained specialists can safely remove a bat colony and make sure they do not return. Our critter control team will solve your bat problem.

Call our critter people today, as bats can multiply quickly.


Boone County KY Animal Removal – At Your Service

Call today and book our wildlife specialists to come visit your property and remove those critters.

Our Boone County KY animal removal services are safe and efficient. You will be pleased with the results. Call now!