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Kenton County KY Animal Removal Services

You need to act quickly if you have wildlife problems. Our insured and fully licensed wildlife technicians will effectively and efficiently solve your wildlife concerns.


Animal Removal Services

Whether you have a residence or commercial business in Kenton County, sometimes local wildlife will make their way onto your property.

When they become a nuisance, you need a fast solution before they cause expensive damage or health concerns.

Let our expert team take care of your animal problem for you with our Kenton County KY animal removal services.

Efficient Wildlife Control Services

We’re known for our expertise in safe wildlife removal services. Our critter people can also repair any damages caused and animal-proof your property so the critters won’t return. We also offer dead animal removal, thorough property inspection, and rodent control services.

We have a variety of wildlife services to meet your needs, including:

Wild animal trapping

Damage Repair

Animal proofing

Common Wild Animals in Kenton County Kentucky

Call our office for a free quote for removing wildlife if you see bats, squirrels, raccoons, or other critters on your property. Our wildlife experts are equipped to work with both residential animal removal and commercial animal removal projects.

Our wildlife specialists will meet with you to find a customized solution for your wildlife issues. We’re ready to help with the whole process from removal to clean up.


Animal in The Attic

Wild animals love to make their home in attic spaces but we’ll safely remove them.

We’ll also repair any damages and restore your attic to its original condition. This may include replacing your soiled or compressed attic insulation so that it continues to keep your heating and cooling costs.

Don’t wait – call our wildlife control team today! You don’t want nuisance animals causing more damage to your attic.

Nuisance Animals – Squirrels

Squirrels must be removed quickly as they can cause major damage in a short amount of time.

These animals are small so they can find many easy entry points. You don’t want them chewing electrical wires and causing a fire. You also don’t want them making noise 24/7 running back and forth in your attic.

Call today and our wildlife specialists will come fix your squirrel problem.


Nuisance Animals – Bats

You should remove bats before they grow into a large bat colony on your property.

These eerie creatures pose health risks as they spread diseases like rabies. Bat droppings are also a risk to your property and your health. We also offer thorough deodorization and disinfection to keep you safe.

When you call our office, we’ll arrange for our highly experienced technicians to thoroughly inspect your property and determine the best wildlife management technique.

Nuisance Animals – Raccoons

If you notice one raccoon on your property, you must act now! There may be more.

Raccoons may be looking for a place to raise a family in your attic, under your porch or in your crawl spaces. These are also known for stealing your pet food, causing structural damage, and carrying diseases.

Call for a free quote so that we can remove your raccoons safely!


Call Today for Animal Removal Services

You will be pleased with our reliable critter control solutions. We are your local wildlife removal experts, ready to help.

As soon as you discover a wildlife problem, call Animal Remover for prompt animal removal services in Kenton County KY.