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Butler County Animal Removal Services

Animal Remover provides wildlife control services that are reliable, humane, and get the job done. We specialize not only in removing the nuisance wildlife from your property but also in animal damage repair and animal intrusion prevention.


Animal Removal Services

In Butler County, Ohio, we are blessed with abundant wildlife. Unfortunately, that wildlife likes to make our homes their own.

Whether animals seek a winter refuge or invade your property in search of food, chaos and damage can follow in their wake. Rodents create holes in property, raccoons scatter your trash looking for food, and squirrels chew wires and tap dance in your attic.

Our staff at Animal Remover is waiting and ready to help you protect and repair your property. Call our team today for Butler County animal removal services.

Wildlife Experts at Your Service

Whether you are concerned about possible intrusions or dealing with an animal already in your home or business, our fully licensed wildlife management experts can help with your critter control.

Efficient animal removal

Humane treatment

Fast service

Reliable Wildlife Control Services

Servicing both commercial and residential properties, Animal Remover has the humane wildlife removal solutions that you need. We can provide animal control for birds, bees, rodents, and various other animals. We can also handle dead animal removal and animal waste cleanup.

Here are some common wildlife issues that we hear about.


Butler County Bat Removal

Avoid the hassle of bats in the attic with our bat removal service.

We take a multi-step approach to wildlife control when it comes to bats. First, we identify areas of weakness that bats could exploit to enter. Then our exclusion process gets rid of nuisance animals and ensures they don’t return. We also offer damage repair, insulation replacement, deodorization, and disinfection.

Butler County Raccoon Removal

Hire us to take care of the adorable wild animals invading your trash.

While cute, Raccoons can become a real problem if they get into your garbage or home. Our humane animal trapping service allows us to remove the little bandits with minimal stress to the animal.


Butler County Squirrel Removal

These fluffy little rodents can drive anyone a little nuts.

Squirrels and other small animals can turn into big problems when they are allowed to chew away at your walls and wires. Hire us today to remove and provide solutions to discourage these creatures from invading your garden, home, or business.

Remove An Animal From The Attic

The scratching and tapping sound is not your imagination. Animals take refuge in attic spaces to enjoy the warm and dry environment.

Unfortunately, they can pose health risks and cause foul odors. In addition, the impact on your insulation can increase the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Our animal-in-attic services include trapping the animal, providing exclusion to ensure they don’t return, and preventing animal entry by installing guards and caps. We even offer attic restoration.


Get Effective Butler County Animal Removal

While we love the wildlife in Butler County, OH, we don’t want to welcome it into our homes and businesses.

We will remove the trespasser and evaluate your property to prevent the headache of future animals in your space.

Give us a Call today for humane animal removal services in Butler County.