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Hamilton County Animal Removal Services

Solve your wildlife issues with the help of Animal Remover’s humane, efficient, and reliable services in Hamilton County. We offer dead animal removal, humane animal trapping, animal damage repair, and more.


Animal Removal Services

Despite technological advances and property protection efforts, nuisance animals sometimes still make their way into our homes. Hamilton County, Ohio is no exception to this truth.

Snakes nest under porches, bats make their way into eaves and attics, squirrels find their way into chimneys. These animals cause damage from chewed wiring that poses fire hazards to foul odors from animal droppings and carcasses to holes in your roofing and walls.

So, let our critter control experts come in and help solve your wildlife concerns with reliable Hamilton County animal removal.

Your Local Expert Solution For Wildlife Issues

Whether you want prevention services to stop animals from intruding on your property or have an animal problem you need to solve now, we are here to help.

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Humane Wildlife Removal Services

Animal Remover offers wildlife control services in Ohio for a variety of species. Our fully licensed staff is capable of managing birds, bees, rodents, and other animals. Here are examples of some of our most common calls.


Hamilton County Bat Removal

Contact Animal Remover when you notice the presence of bats on your property.

The presence of bats can lead to more significant problems like ruined insulation, foul odors, and health risks. Bats are tiny animals that can cause big problems, so be sure to call today.

Hamilton County Raccoon Removal

Fill out our online form if you notice raccoons on your property. Despite their adorable faces, these wild animals can become a nuisance very quickly.

Raccoons can cause damage to property, the spread of disease, and garbage messes. Our humane removal service uses weighted traps and targeted bait to ensure we can remove these animals with the least amount of stress possible–for them and you.


Hamilton County Squirrel Removal

Hire our wildlife experts in any season to inspect your property for signs of squirrel damage.

Squirrels are notorious for chewing their way into homes–through walls and even wires! Our exclusion process helps you remove the animals, repair damage as well as identify areas of weakness to avoid future intrusion.

Hamilton County Wild Attic Animals

Attics make a perfect space for wild animals because they are typically warm, dry, and safe from the weather.

Winter is the most common time for animals to enter these spaces as they seek somewhere to hibernate. With our wildlife control services, you can remove intruders, and prevent future invasions. We can also help with attic restoration.


Contact Us for Hamilton County Animal Removal

Let our wildlife management team help you protect your home or business from the chaos that nuisance animals can create.

Our team is ready to offer expert animal removal services in Hamilton County. call to schedule with our specialists today.