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Lebanon Animal Removal Services

Animal Remover is licensed and insured and ready to help with all of your animal control needs. Our team can help with any residential animal removal and commercial animal removal job.


Animal Removal Services

Nuisance animals on your property can be dangerous and hard to get rid of.

These animals can cause a lot of damage and can also be carriers of disease, which puts your family and household pets at risk.

If you need Lebanon animal removal services for your home or business, we’re here to help with professional solutions.

The Right Local Solution for Wild Animal Pest Control

We specialize in complete wild animal removal service in the Warren County Ohio area. This includes ever part of the process from animal trapping to cleanup, repairs, and prevention. We can also deal with animal waste removal and dead animal removal.

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Reliable Animal Control in Lebanon Ohio

Whether you have wildlife in your attic, chimney, under your deck, or digging up your landscape, we know what to do. Birds, skunks, snakes, mice removal, we handle it all!

Here are some of the most common animal disturbance calls that we receive.


Bat Colonies

Bat removal is also a common service needed in our area.

Bats cause problems because they carry diseases and can roost in large numbers in a building. They leave behind large amounts of droppings (guano) that can damage your property and cause a nasty smell.

Our wildlife removal team is ready to take care of your problem with bats.

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Wild Raccoons

Raccoons are one of the most common wildlife control requests that we receive.

These animals can become aggressive and dangerous. They can also bring with them diseases, fleas, and ticks. In addition, they can quickly cause significant damage to your property. If you have a raccoon present in your attic or under your porch, it’s time to call in some help.

Let our professionals help with safe and effective raccoon removal.

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Squirrel Removal

They are cute but these small animals can cause significant damage.

Squirrels love to chew. If they get their teeth on wires and wood on your property, it can leave you with expensive repairs. They also love to dig up your yard to hide their treasures and can also potentially carry disease.

Call our critter control team to handle squirrels, rats, and other rodents.

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Attic Animals

You hear the annoying pitter-patter of little feet running above you.

If you think a wild animal has moved into your attic, don’t wait to take care of it. Whether it’s mice, squirrels, bats, or a raccoon, they are likely to cause expensive damage. This is particularly worrisome if they’re chewing on wires causing a major risk of an electrical fire.

Call our professionals today for expert attic removal service.

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Conclusion – Animal Removal Services In Lebanon OH

Now is the time to act if you find the presence of a nuisance animal in your house, business, or on your property.

Contact our team to help protect you and your family with professional animal removal services in Lebanon OH.